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Well just a quick update on live in the Jesters. RL has been a bit of a chore lately and there have been lots of things to keep me away from mischief and mayhem in Eve.

Skill training is ongoing and I now have Battleship to lvl 3 and the same for large projectile turrents. After a couple more support skills are complete I’m back on track for getting myself into a Covert Ops ship for some cloaky goodness.

Looking forward to finding out the results of the CSM election and what joys the new expansion will bring, hopefully lots more juicy pirate targets for the Jesters to get their teeth into.. 🙂

That’s all for now, fly crazy.


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Friday night is…

Well it’s been a quiet week for me really, the prospect of going to war was both exciting and nerve racking for a newb such as myself. However the reality was different, 4 days into the war and still no sign of any targets. I’m not seeing this as a negative though, I’ve spent the time updating my collection of ships and I now have 27 ships in my hangars, yes a lot of them are rifter hulls but that’s not the point now is it..

Skill training is still ongoing and in a few more days I can swap from shield skills back over to getting into a battleship as for the time being that might be the most useful with all the upcoming war dec’s.

I have added some punisher hulls to my collection just because I like the idea of using lasers and I like the pretty lights.. 🙂 my primary goal will still be getting into either a Wolf or Hound (or both) but I want to make sure I can fly a range of ships depending on the need.

My Indy friend has been hard at work and I’m expecting another care package in the next week or so.. got to love the free stuff… 🙂

Well more updates when I have some news, until next time fly crazy

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Update on the war…

Last night I logged on a couple of hours before the war dec was official (the part where is says you can shoot them) in order to get my ships ready for the big push. I have a couple of battlecruisers fitted up ready to go and a host of Rifters fitted for pointing and scramming ships.

While we were waiting I took one of my rifters out for a spin and as some of the other members of the corp were having a “fitting test” I joined in to see how my Rifter coped against bigger ships. I was pleased to see that against a Vagabond the speed and size of my Rifter meant that orbiting at 500m (which is a bit more with AB on) meant the Vagabond couldn’t hit me 🙂 although his drones could..

I would like to point out here that I have no real naming convention for my ships it’s whatever pops into my head. For example I have a cyclone battlecruiser that is called “Dyson” after the hoover and a salvage ship called “Scrapheap”.

At 21:11 Eve time the war was on.. well that was the plan.. After scouting the systems around where the enemy corp live we couldn’t find any Reds. I did a bit of research on the CEO of the corp and it turns out 5 of the 10 man corp are actually other toons he has bought and are members of the same Corp.. Looks like we might be looking for a new War Dec target now…

More updates to follow.
Fly crazy

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Jesters go to war…

First off I would like to say a big thank you to all the other Eve bloggers out there. I spend a lot of time reading these blogs and the content in them has helped me understand Eve a bit better, fit my ships better and at times made me laugh.

Now on to business.. The Dead Jesters are going to war.. In an effort to make things a little more interesting for the Corp we have war dec’d another Corp. Things kick off for real tonight so hopefully for the duration of the war I will be posting some battle reports and tales of mischief and destruction (probably my destruction for the most part).

To be honest the call to arms has been a bit of a wake up call for me. I’ve been quite happy plodding along, can flipping miners and stealing loot from wrecks with the occasionally small gang roam. The impending war has made me rethink my current situation and in a way forcing me into more PVP(not a bad thing), which we hopefully give me more experience and a bit more confidence.

The last few days I’ve been buying and fitting ships ready for the war. I’ve got a nice supply of T1 ships ready, a couple of BC’s, a whole stack of Rifters that I can T2 fit and a few others in case of emergency.

My skill queue is at the moment focused on shield skills and then it will be back working towards the core compentcy certificates before moving on to getting into some new ships. Sitll not sure if to go for a BS or stick to my plan for getting a SB and AF’s.

Fly crazy

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Quick Update

Just a quick update on things. Pirate life has been a bit quiet the last few days, some RL stuff got in the way but that’s taken care of so back to mischief.

Skill wise i’m currently training up some more learning skills before carrying on with more PVP related stuff. Still not sure if I should go with the smaller t2 frigates or get myself a BS… Choices, choices..

Today I’ve voted for the CSM 5, not being the shy type both my vote and my indy friend have voted for Mynxee, if u don’t know who she is then get a life and check out her blog Life in low sec.

My Indy friend is plodding along nicely with his t2 invention and construction an keeping me in fittings and ammo not all of which I can use but.. Interesting enough after some Corp ship on ship action turns out t2 ammo sucks compared to t1 or faction ammo, who would have guessed..

Fly crazy,

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Friday night is fight night..

Last night I completed Small Projectile V and got my hands on some nice T2 200MM Autocannon’s (yum, yum). Haven’t really had a chance to test them in anger but they are primed and ready to go on my nice new Dramiel (which by the way once you stick turrents on looks more like a demon bunny head…)

On other news I got my first PVP solo kill… It was getting late and the Corp was empty so I thought I would pop into over to my next door neighbour low sec system and see what I could find. Now I’m no great master PVPer and I am fully aware I will die a lot more to start with than I will win but I’m always willing to give it a go.

The low sec system was very very quiet when I arrived so I took my Hurricane for a spin, flying around the belts and gates just seeing what I could find, (keeping my eyes on local and the d-scan at all times..) nothing not a thing, no juicy miners, industrials or cruisers to take on.. 😦 It was just at the point when I thought about giving up and going to bed that I noticed a Kestrel on my d-scan so I thought I would pop over and say hi (in that random way of flying around till you find it kind of way). My luck was in though, it was sitting outside one of the stations dropping a cyno (think I said that right), on went my afterburners and my sensor booster, 20KM, 16KM, 10KM, locked it up and starting send hails of plasma on it’s merry way towards my small, unarmed, untanked target.

The outcome was it died, I didn’t, I got hammered by the station guns but escaped intact with a hit to my sec status and no loot..

Now for you more experienced pilots and hardcore PVPers you are probably thinking, “he killed a frigate with a BC, big deal” or “what a loser for making such a big thing about it”, well to all of you all I can say is *@”$@*@ it was my first solo kill of anykind and we all have to start somewhere.. Link to KB is here

On other news my long weekend of Eve has been cut short, my GF was away on a hen do only for the hen to end up in hospital with a dislocated knee 5 weeks before the wedding…

Fly crazy

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