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Friday night is fight night..

Last night I completed Small Projectile V and got my hands on some nice T2 200MM Autocannon’s (yum, yum). Haven’t really had a chance to test them in anger but they are primed and ready to go on my nice new Dramiel (which by the way once you stick turrents on looks more like a demon bunny head…)

On other news I got my first PVP solo kill… It was getting late and the Corp was empty so I thought I would pop into over to my next door neighbour low sec system and see what I could find. Now I’m no great master PVPer and I am fully aware I will die a lot more to start with than I will win but I’m always willing to give it a go.

The low sec system was very very quiet when I arrived so I took my Hurricane for a spin, flying around the belts and gates just seeing what I could find, (keeping my eyes on local and the d-scan at all times..) nothing not a thing, no juicy miners, industrials or cruisers to take on.. 😦 It was just at the point when I thought about giving up and going to bed that I noticed a Kestrel on my d-scan so I thought I would pop over and say hi (in that random way of flying around till you find it kind of way). My luck was in though, it was sitting outside one of the stations dropping a cyno (think I said that right), on went my afterburners and my sensor booster, 20KM, 16KM, 10KM, locked it up and starting send hails of plasma on it’s merry way towards my small, unarmed, untanked target.

The outcome was it died, I didn’t, I got hammered by the station guns but escaped intact with a hit to my sec status and no loot..

Now for you more experienced pilots and hardcore PVPers you are probably thinking, “he killed a frigate with a BC, big deal” or “what a loser for making such a big thing about it”, well to all of you all I can say is *@”$@*@ it was my first solo kill of anykind and we all have to start somewhere.. Link to KB is here

On other news my long weekend of Eve has been cut short, my GF was away on a hen do only for the hen to end up in hospital with a dislocated knee 5 weeks before the wedding…

Fly crazy

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