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Quick Update

Just a quick update on things. Pirate life has been a bit quiet the last few days, some RL stuff got in the way but that’s taken care of so back to mischief.

Skill wise i’m currently training up some more learning skills before carrying on with more PVP related stuff. Still not sure if I should go with the smaller t2 frigates or get myself a BS… Choices, choices..

Today I’ve voted for the CSM 5, not being the shy type both my vote and my indy friend have voted for Mynxee, if u don’t know who she is then get a life and check out her blog Life in low sec.

My Indy friend is plodding along nicely with his t2 invention and construction an keeping me in fittings and ammo not all of which I can use but.. Interesting enough after some Corp ship on ship action turns out t2 ammo sucks compared to t1 or faction ammo, who would have guessed..

Fly crazy,

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