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Jesters go to war…

First off I would like to say a big thank you to all the other Eve bloggers out there. I spend a lot of time reading these blogs and the content in them has helped me understand Eve a bit better, fit my ships better and at times made me laugh.

Now on to business.. The Dead Jesters are going to war.. In an effort to make things a little more interesting for the Corp we have war dec’d another Corp. Things kick off for real tonight so hopefully for the duration of the war I will be posting some battle reports and tales of mischief and destruction (probably my destruction for the most part).

To be honest the call to arms has been a bit of a wake up call for me. I’ve been quite happy plodding along, can flipping miners and stealing loot from wrecks with the occasionally small gang roam. The impending war has made me rethink my current situation and in a way forcing me into more PVP(not a bad thing), which we hopefully give me more experience and a bit more confidence.

The last few days I’ve been buying and fitting ships ready for the war. I’ve got a nice supply of T1 ships ready, a couple of BC’s, a whole stack of Rifters that I can T2 fit and a few others in case of emergency.

My skill queue is at the moment focused on shield skills and then it will be back working towards the core compentcy certificates before moving on to getting into some new ships. Sitll not sure if to go for a BS or stick to my plan for getting a SB and AF’s.

Fly crazy

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