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Update on the war…

Last night I logged on a couple of hours before the war dec was official (the part where is says you can shoot them) in order to get my ships ready for the big push. I have a couple of battlecruisers fitted up ready to go and a host of Rifters fitted for pointing and scramming ships.

While we were waiting I took one of my rifters out for a spin and as some of the other members of the corp were having a “fitting test” I joined in to see how my Rifter coped against bigger ships. I was pleased to see that against a Vagabond the speed and size of my Rifter meant that orbiting at 500m (which is a bit more with AB on) meant the Vagabond couldn’t hit me 🙂 although his drones could..

I would like to point out here that I have no real naming convention for my ships it’s whatever pops into my head. For example I have a cyclone battlecruiser that is called “Dyson” after the hoover and a salvage ship called “Scrapheap”.

At 21:11 Eve time the war was on.. well that was the plan.. After scouting the systems around where the enemy corp live we couldn’t find any Reds. I did a bit of research on the CEO of the corp and it turns out 5 of the 10 man corp are actually other toons he has bought and are members of the same Corp.. Looks like we might be looking for a new War Dec target now…

More updates to follow.
Fly crazy

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