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Friday night is…

Well it’s been a quiet week for me really, the prospect of going to war was both exciting and nerve racking for a newb such as myself. However the reality was different, 4 days into the war and still no sign of any targets. I’m not seeing this as a negative though, I’ve spent the time updating my collection of ships and I now have 27 ships in my hangars, yes a lot of them are rifter hulls but that’s not the point now is it..

Skill training is still ongoing and in a few more days I can swap from shield skills back over to getting into a battleship as for the time being that might be the most useful with all the upcoming war dec’s.

I have added some punisher hulls to my collection just because I like the idea of using lasers and I like the pretty lights.. 🙂 my primary goal will still be getting into either a Wolf or Hound (or both) but I want to make sure I can fly a range of ships depending on the need.

My Indy friend has been hard at work and I’m expecting another care package in the next week or so.. got to love the free stuff… 🙂

Well more updates when I have some news, until next time fly crazy

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