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I’m back….

Well it’s been a while since my last post, a combination of a hectic work scheulde in RL and a drop in Eve related motivation to write posts but I’m back now…

The life of a pirate has been a bit slow for me over the last weeks, some internal stuff in our Corp has meant that things have slowed down. We are currently running without a CEO (due to some RL issues that I wouldn’t wish on anyone) and a lack of other “Director” role people being online. Not sure if it’s a lack of interest of just the summer being here but currently there are only 3 of us online the majority of time and we can’t currently recruit any new people.

That aside I have tried to keep the pirate spirit alive in the form of solo roams in low sec. I’ve killed a couple of frigates and last night got my first pod kill (frozen corpse is the hangar freezer) which was odd because the pilot came back a few minutes later and private convo’d me to ask me to do it again..(KB details are here: http://www.dead-jesters.co.uk/KB/?a=pilot_detail&plt_id=39052)

Training wise I’ve been building up my core support skills, still got a few 4 day ones to complete but I’m getting there. In other 10 days I will be able to get into a Stealth Bomber (cloaky fun) and I’m not too far away from being in Assault ships either (oh the choices).

My Indy friend has been keeping busy, after looking for a new corp to join he’s decided to go back to running his own corp and is currently working on getting the necessary skills up to fly his new Raven for those lovely lovely lvl 4 missions.

Fly crazy.


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