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The death of a Jester…

The title caught your attention then??? No I’m not quitting Eve so you can’t have my stuff but what I am doing after much thought and consideration is leaving the Dead Jesters..

I’ve enjoyed my time with the Jesters but currently the level of corp activity and the absence of any Director based players being online really does limit what I can achieve flying solo. I hope to stay in touch with the Jesters as they are a really good bunch of people which has made my decision such a difficult one to make.

My new Corp which I intend to join, (once I have finished dropping my current roles) is a new corp still building its membership up but once the numbers are up and we’ve done some fleet training together will work towards getting some Merc contracts. One of the other benefits is that the Corp is run by 2 very experienced ex Tuskers (very known pirate corp), who I hope to learn a great deal from over the upcoming weeks and months.

After speaking to one of the directors last night we have already decided on the ship types and fittings I should be working towards, but on a positive note the skills I’ve already invested in are ideal for PVP (which is always nice to hear). I’m looking forward to building on my skills that I already have and becoming a useful member of the corp. 🙂

Below is a quick run down of the skills I’m going to work on next:

Engineering V (currently training, will end on Saturday night)
Mechanic V (will allow me to fly Assault Ships)
Advanced Autocannon IV
Energy Systems Operations V
Electronics Upgrades V (to get me into Stealth Bombers)
Cloaking III then IV

Of course this might all change and then there is the free SP from CCP pending so I might adjust the skills above to make maximum use of it.

More updates as I have them

Fly Crazy


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