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General Update..

Well currently I have zero Eve Online time.. 😦 due to some RL factors (currently moving house and lost current broadband) I can only just manage to log on using my laptop and a 3G dongle (which only gives me 2G connection).

I can manage to login to update my skill queue and Durzo has used his 10K SP points to lower the training time for Electronics Upgrades V down to 4 days. Mechanic V is currently training and will finish this weekend then onto Electronics Upgrades V. Once both of these have finished I will be able to train in Assault Ships and Covert Ops (still need to training my Cloaking to level IV).

I’m hoping by the middle of July I will be online a bit more and can actually start taking part in my new Corp the Sunset Jokers but depends when I can get my gaming rig moved over to the new house.

My alt Durz0 has very kindly donated a Raven and full T2 fittings to Hulkageddon 3. I want to wish all the miners good look during that event and all the gankers a merry happy ganking time.. πŸ™‚ Neither Durzo or Durz0 will be taking part either as a ganker or miner, as Durzo needs to keep his security status above -2.0 to be able to enter all high sec areas for Corp business..

While my Eve Online time is limited I will be spending some more time and effort on this blog so keep tuned.

Fly crazy

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