This will be the first blog post of this type so I will share with you all my current skill layout for both Durzo and Durz0.

Durz0 is my indy/miner/PVE alt and was the first character I created in Eve Online. You will notice when you look at his skills that they are a bit all over the place but a large majority of them are Science related (all that T2 invention goodness).

Durzo who is my main character now is purely designed and trained for PVP, I’ve sunk a lot of skill training into his Gunnery skills and I’m now slowly working on building up his support skills to make sure I can survive a bit longer in combat.

Both Durzo and Durz0 (gets confusing doesn’t it..) are currently training Electronics Upgrades V, for Durz0 its so he can complete the Core Standard certification and for Durzo it’s so with a few other skills trained up he can fly stealth bombers.. (love my cloaky goodness).

Once those are done Durz0 will go back to training some more indy/mining skills and Durzo will be back to training support skills for what he can currently fly.

More updates next month..

Fly crazy

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