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Another update…

Well I managed to get some Eve Online time during my time off thanks to my trusty laptop and the new broadband connection being installed at my new house :). The laptop is a bit limited on performance so I only got to do a few things for both of my characters.

Durzo has now completed the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc missions, which seems a lot easier when flying a hurricane.. 🙂 Skill wise I am now at over 6mil SP and have completed Electronics Upgrades V so once I get back to my hangar I can inject Assault Ships, Thermodynamics and Covert Ops into my skill queue (once Hull Upgrades V has completed).

Durz0 has now over 9mil SP and is working on some drone skills to make mission running a bit easier (will be doing some lvl 4’s soon). Other than that he is soon going back to manufacturing some rigs and other bits of Durzo and once Hulkageddon 3 is finished back to some mining..

More updates soon..

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