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My favourite ships…

Well I thought I would post what are currently my favourite ships in Eve. This will no doubt change over time but I thought I would share anyway.. 🙂

1. Rifter – fast and deadly an ideal ship for us wannabe pirates that aren’t ISK rich but still want to pack a punch if in combat

2. Hurricane – This is my favourite BC class ship it’s powerful and can be fitted for a number of tasks. Just waiting for some more skills to complete to lvl V before I start using this in anger.

3. Dramiel – I’ve loved this ship since the first time I was killed by one, it’s pure evil looking and packs a mean punch. I have one in my hangar and once some more skill training is complete I will be using for a fast tackler and solo PVP.

4. Wolf – This is the Rifters big brother and I’m looking forward to seeing what Assault Ships can do in combat either in a gang or solo.

Fly crazy

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