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The makings of a pirate..

This is my first attempt of Eve fiction, any comments welcome..

“The dream was always the same, her beautiful face looking up at me, full of hope and love and then cold darkness of space devouring her, and with her my hopes and dreams for the future gone in a heartbeat. It had been years since her death but it still haunted me, the life I had known was over, nothing was the same after her murder and only the burning desire to hunt down her killers sustained me through the long dark nights.

The people responsible where part of a faceless Corporation that reached far into space, people who had no morals about the death of one innocent that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. ISK was their god and they were fanatically about worshipping this fake idol, ISK was the only thing they cared about and it was that, that would be their downfall.

I spent months researching and working out a plan, a plan that would take me deep into space and into a life that would challenge everything I knew and believed in. In order to fight this Corporation I needed to learn how to fight, and fight in a way that would strike fear into my enemy and hurt them in the same way they had hurt me.

My plan for revenge had started slow I had moved around a lot of Corporations that had offered the training for my private war but none had delivered on my requirements. My combat experience was lagging behind and I needed to do something about it in order to have my revenge. I searched through the available Corporations looking for one that could satisfy my bloodlust and desire for revenge, so many choices but which one would be right?

The decision I made next would change my life forever. There was no going back, once I was committed I was in for the long haul. My desire for revenge overwrote everything else, my sense of right and wrong was to be changed forever.

Pirates, the dark side of the universe, the only people who could train and teach me the skills necessary without the complications of morals or hidden agendas, death and destruction were their gods and I was going to worship them as I had once worshipped her.

Let the chaos begin…”

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