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General Update

August 26, 2010 2 comments

Not a lot to report so far this week, my Yarr time has taken a dip due to having to embrace my carebear side in order to make some ISK.

I did manage to get a kill in this morning (just a cyno dropping probe) but lost my ship in the process to some POS weapons.. Oh well not to worry, it currently brings my kill/loss ratio to 12:2 and a few percentage off my security status.

Durz0 has been working hard trying to make enough ISK for a Hulk and has numerous sell orders out on the market. My plan over the next couple of weeks is to mine enough ore to build some Cane’s for sale and for Durzo to use for Yarrage. I still struggle at times to find the best way to make regular reliable ISK but Eve is all about learning so I’m I will get there in time.

Well that’s all, fly crazy and see you in space (I’m the idiot in a Rifter)..

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learning from your mistakes..

August 19, 2010 2 comments

My last few days in Eve have been a bit of a learning curve in a couple of areas. The other day I got ganked in High Sec while mining, it was my own fault for not paying attention to the overview and not aligning to something, but I lost my retriever (which is now replaced) and I am now a much more careful carebear. Did I shred carebear tears… no.. these things happen and I just learn from my mistakes..

Yesterday I went on a hunt before downtime with my Wolf, I jumped through a couple of systems and then found a flashy red Phantasm near a gate (faction cruiser with 100% damage bonus) so I engaged, now maybe it was over confidence or just sheer luck but I managed to get a nice orbit going and my autocannons were hurling barrage ammo into it while his lasers where missing me. I managed to get it down to 80% shield before he decided to burn to the gate and jump and I kept losing point as he was using a NOS to drain my cap.

I followed him through the gate (no GCC as he was flashy red) and found him outside of the station in Resbroko, I decided not to engage at the station (was sure he would dock straight away) so I warped off to a safe and kept my eye on my d-scan.

After sitting in my safe for a couple of minutes I had a private convo request from my target, now being the friendly pirate I am I always accept these request just to see what they people want to talk about. My target was asking for a 1-2-1 in a belt, now part of me thought TARP straight away but local was quiet so off I warped..

I landed in the belt about 14KM from my target, overheated my afterburner and charged towards my prey, I knew from my previous encounter that I would take some damage until I could get close enough and this was my mistake, learning from our previous encounter my “victim” had changed their fit to include a web which had now slowed my Wolf down to a small crawl and I was still out of AC range and well within his optimum range.. The result my Wolf went POP.. I got my pod out and sent a GF (good fight) to my opponent and headed home.

Now my mistakes were these..
1. Didn’t realise at the time that a phantasm is a faction cruiser and didn’t check which I normally do before engaging (overconfidence in my own abilities)
2. Should have realised that my “victim” was at the station for a reason (to fit a web)

What have I learned from this..
1. PVP is fun, win or lose
2. Faction cruisers vs Assault ships is not a good mix
3. Need to work on my fittings a bit more (it’s a learning curve after all)

On other news, my training plan for project October is all setup for Durzo and Durz0 so I will try and stick to that, looking forward to getting Durz0 into a Hulk (better tank on it).

Fly crazy

Planning for the future

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Well over the weekend I started to think that I had never really set any goals or objectives for my time in Eve. I was busy training skills but with no real objective and just going through the motions really. I’ve now decided on a plan of action for Durzo and Durz0 for the next couple of months.

Mid October is my deadline (due to having a whole week of Eve planned).

1. Complete Assault Ship training (2 more skills outstanding)
2. Complete Stealth Bomber training (several skills to complete)
3. Complete necessary training for T2 Hurricane (shield and armour tank)
4. Get a -10 sec status and try to reach 30 kills.

1. Get in a hulk (been putting it off)
2. Train to fly a Covert Ops ship
3. Be able to build T2 Frigates

Durz0 has a lot less to train but the training takes a lot longer. During this time I will continue with working on my passive income from datacores for Durz0 and selling stuff in Auner (made about 30mil ISK so far).

These objectives might not seem a lot but I think it’s good to have a end game. I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting another character but not sure about that one yet.. lol

On another note, I’m really enjoying my time with the Black Rabbits, it’s been far the best choice since starting Eve and I intend on being a long time member of the Corp and the Alliance as a whole. Just need to find my feet a bit more, get out on some more roams and find a use for myself..

Fly crazy

PS My blog has now had 1000 visitors.. 🙂

Bloody rabbit..

August 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a quick update following on from my Monday post about my first kill as a TBRA member..

The day ended well for me, I totalled 11 kills, 2 pods and 9 ships in total as well as 28.75Mil ISK in ransoms.. My security status is now -5.7 which means I will get shot at no matter what high sec area I go in.. 🙂

More updates as they come..


A rabbit draws blood…

August 9, 2010 2 comments

Greetings blog readers.. Today is a good day, not only do I have the day off work (and a whole day of Eve planned) but I also managed to get my first kills a academy member of the Black Rabbits. Here’s my story…

I decided to get a bit of Eve time before the daily downtime, I logged onto Alliance Comm’s and started the process of logging in. One of the TBRA Directors Blackdog was already in game and had spent the morning hunting down a Cane in a nearby system. He was in the process of scanning down his prey and asked over comm’s if anyone was available to help bring down the target.

Now since joining the Rabbits I hadn’t had much chance to get out on roams and I was a bit nervous about joining a fleet with one of the directors incase I messed up.. Fears aside I undocked in my trusty Rifter, joined fleet and made my way the 2 jumps to where Blackdog was. Enroute he announced over comm’s that he was engaging the Cane in his Dramiel (love that ship..), I wrapped in to find the battle going nicely in our favour, the cane was in armour and I was instructed to target and engage any drones that might appear and to help pile on the damage onto the Cane.

My autocannon’s and gremlin rockets started hammering into the Cane, occasionally swapping targets to any drones that the Cane released, the Cane was slowly getting through armour (as you can imagine 2 frigates versus a battlecruiser can take some time) but after about 5 minutes he was into structure. I was given the task of trying to catch the pod once he went pop, I dropped my point and as soon as that lovely little pop appeared I targeted (got to love Signature Analysis V) and pointed him.. 🙂

I let Blackdog do the talking and the very kind Cane pilot paid a 50mil ISK ransom and we let him go…

The killmail can be found here… Killmail

So in summary, my first kill was in a Rifter, I got half of the 50mil ransom, got my first kill as a Rabbit, didn’t mess up and followed orders over comms and got some nice T2 loot as well… All in all a good start to the day really.. 🙂

I’m looking forward to more PVP with the Rabbits, they are efficient, friendly and generally all round nice bunch, I think I have found my home..

On another note, we have two new Rabbit bloggers. You can find their blogs here:

Flyin On The Edge – Jushin Dragon

The Black Rabbits Hole – Barlet

Fly crazy

Weekly update..

August 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Well it’s Friday only a couple hours left of work and then I get a 4 day weekend.. 🙂

Right weekly update, in the real world my house move is complete although I’ve spent most of this week putting up shelves and building furniture so my Eve time has suffered. On the positive side I have my laptop all setup next to my PC for TS and other useful Eve tools while I play.. 😉

Durzo has been station bound for most of this week, due to my lack of game time his skill training is progressing nicely and hopefully by next weekend he will be ready to fly assault ships (those annoying support skills are nearly done) and then onto Stealth Bombers.. After that it will be finishing off my BC skills and then see what takes my fancy.

Durz0 our indy friend is now a member of the White Rabbits and has made the move to Amo. He will spend the next couple of weeks mining and build stuff for the Alliance.

I have also started work on a project that will hopefully be of use to the Alliance but only time will tell.. It involves programming which isn’t my favourite thing but I like a challenge.

Fly crazy

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Public Service Announcement

August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Attention readers (well the 1 or 2 of you there are)

The Black Rabbits Academy has closed it’s doors for new recruits until further notice. Due to the large quantity of applicants the management have decided to put any further recruitment on hold for the time being.

Good luck to all the current TBRA recruits, may the pew pew be plenty and ransoms large.

Fly crazy

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