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Planning for the future

Well over the weekend I started to think that I had never really set any goals or objectives for my time in Eve. I was busy training skills but with no real objective and just going through the motions really. I’ve now decided on a plan of action for Durzo and Durz0 for the next couple of months.

Mid October is my deadline (due to having a whole week of Eve planned).

1. Complete Assault Ship training (2 more skills outstanding)
2. Complete Stealth Bomber training (several skills to complete)
3. Complete necessary training for T2 Hurricane (shield and armour tank)
4. Get a -10 sec status and try to reach 30 kills.

1. Get in a hulk (been putting it off)
2. Train to fly a Covert Ops ship
3. Be able to build T2 Frigates

Durz0 has a lot less to train but the training takes a lot longer. During this time I will continue with working on my passive income from datacores for Durz0 and selling stuff in Auner (made about 30mil ISK so far).

These objectives might not seem a lot but I think it’s good to have a end game. I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting another character but not sure about that one yet.. lol

On another note, I’m really enjoying my time with the Black Rabbits, it’s been far the best choice since starting Eve and I intend on being a long time member of the Corp and the Alliance as a whole. Just need to find my feet a bit more, get out on some more roams and find a use for myself..

Fly crazy

PS My blog has now had 1000 visitors.. 🙂

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