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learning from your mistakes..

My last few days in Eve have been a bit of a learning curve in a couple of areas. The other day I got ganked in High Sec while mining, it was my own fault for not paying attention to the overview and not aligning to something, but I lost my retriever (which is now replaced) and I am now a much more careful carebear. Did I shred carebear tears… no.. these things happen and I just learn from my mistakes..

Yesterday I went on a hunt before downtime with my Wolf, I jumped through a couple of systems and then found a flashy red Phantasm near a gate (faction cruiser with 100% damage bonus) so I engaged, now maybe it was over confidence or just sheer luck but I managed to get a nice orbit going and my autocannons were hurling barrage ammo into it while his lasers where missing me. I managed to get it down to 80% shield before he decided to burn to the gate and jump and I kept losing point as he was using a NOS to drain my cap.

I followed him through the gate (no GCC as he was flashy red) and found him outside of the station in Resbroko, I decided not to engage at the station (was sure he would dock straight away) so I warped off to a safe and kept my eye on my d-scan.

After sitting in my safe for a couple of minutes I had a private convo request from my target, now being the friendly pirate I am I always accept these request just to see what they people want to talk about. My target was asking for a 1-2-1 in a belt, now part of me thought TARP straight away but local was quiet so off I warped..

I landed in the belt about 14KM from my target, overheated my afterburner and charged towards my prey, I knew from my previous encounter that I would take some damage until I could get close enough and this was my mistake, learning from our previous encounter my “victim” had changed their fit to include a web which had now slowed my Wolf down to a small crawl and I was still out of AC range and well within his optimum range.. The result my Wolf went POP.. I got my pod out and sent a GF (good fight) to my opponent and headed home.

Now my mistakes were these..
1. Didn’t realise at the time that a phantasm is a faction cruiser and didn’t check which I normally do before engaging (overconfidence in my own abilities)
2. Should have realised that my “victim” was at the station for a reason (to fit a web)

What have I learned from this..
1. PVP is fun, win or lose
2. Faction cruisers vs Assault ships is not a good mix
3. Need to work on my fittings a bit more (it’s a learning curve after all)

On other news, my training plan for project October is all setup for Durzo and Durz0 so I will try and stick to that, looking forward to getting Durz0 into a Hulk (better tank on it).

Fly crazy

  1. August 19, 2010 at 12:20

    I think it’s often worth going for faction cruisers anyway, but just stay at range and cautious (ready to gtfo) until you know if they have webs or neuts. It’s always worth having a look at character age, and maybe even look them up on Battleclinic if you have the time.

    I never agree to 1v1’s if I know they’ve had the chance to dock up and specifically refit their ship for me. Unless I’ve had the chance to do so as well, then it’s a fair fight I guess.

    I like your battle reports, keep it up!

    • August 19, 2010 at 12:34

      Yeah normally I’m a lot more cautious, I blame it on the lack of sleep from working all night.. lol

      Thanks for the feedback.


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