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Update w/c 28/9/10

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello readers,

Apologises for the lack of updates this last week but I was on a much needed RL holiday. Not much to report on really. Durz0 is now flying a hulk and I have to say mining in a hulk is awesome.. The sheer volume for Ore you can harvest in one sitting is really helping build up my stocks of minerals.. 🙂

Durzo is still training away to complete some of his skill plans, but due to holiday and RL stuff has missed out on a lot of pew pew..

That’s all for now.

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Update w/c 12-9-10

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello readers..

Well not much to report on really.. but none the less I want to keep my posts regular..

Durzo has been silenty training away and this morning took his new Hound out for a spin, it will take me a while to get use to flying around cloaked and working out the best range/type of torps to use but give me a couple of weeks and I will be there.. Hopefully will get out on some fleet engagements where I can provide cloaky scout and/or a bit of DPS when possible.

My indy friend Durz0 has been my main lately, running missions for Republic Fleet and some mining for the Corp, I don’t manage to get out on many fleet mining ops so I stockpile my ore and then contract it over to the Corp, the Whte Rabbits does have people that do their own thing but I still like to contribute when I can. In another few days I will finally get Durz0 into a Hulk which although a small step for some is a huge step for me in terms of my time in Eve.

I’m stilling working towards “Project October” which is where due to RL stuff have a whole week of Eve planned 24/7 if I so desire..

I would like to suggest a Blog for you to read if you don’t already Persephone Astrid’s YarrJournal is an awesome mix of fiction and fact and as a fellow pirate you should go read it.. yes you..

Fly crazy

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A new beginning..

September 6, 2010 1 comment

Hello readers, this weekend was short of Eve ingame time (due to real life and going to see Muse in Manchester on Saturday night..) however it wasn’t short of Eve news and changes..

There are 2 main changes that I will talk about today, they are both related and both about my life as a Rabbit.

The first change is that tonight I will no longer be a member of the TBRA (The Black Rabbits Academy) but will become a member of The Black Rabbits.. Wait does this mean I have graduated and are now a fully fledged pirate?? No this is where the second change comes into play.

You may remember me talking about the changes in the Alliance last week and how a group (quite a large group) of Rabbits decided to leave and start they own corp called FLA5HY RED, those individuals included ALL of the TBRA management (CEO, directors, librarian etc) leaving the TBRA floating in space. The leader of my Alliance (Gilgamesh) was left with not only having to accept the lose of people he relied on and trusted but also a Corporation that was in need of a lot of rebuilding. Last night the fate of the TBRA was decided, as of Tuesday the TBRA will be disbanded for good (all current members are allowed to join the TBR if they so desire, and I hope they all do).

Now some of you might think that closing down a whole Corporation is a bit over the top just because some people have left, however I fully support Gil’s decision, in fact I’m looking forward to seeing what direction the Alliance takes now we are back to being pirates full time. I know I have a lot of work to do in order to meet the required skill level and experience that is required of being a Black Rabbit but it’s a challenge I will rise to and I hope this is a start of something new and exciting.

Well that’s me done for today, hopefully my next post will be pew pew related and I can tell you about more kills and negative hits to my sec status.

Fly crazy


September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Well last night was an Alliance meeting, due to work and RL I was tucked in bed by the time it started so I missed it.. When I woke up this morning there was a large amount of “Good Bye”, “I’m leaving” threads in our Alliance forums.. It seems that a few Rabbits have shipped up and moved out to form their own pirate corp, while it’s a shame to see them leave I would like to wish them all the best and I have no doubt they will cause mayhem whether they go..

No I’m not following them nor am I leaving the Rabbits I intend to stick around…

Someone asked me yesterday if my post about Alliances etc etc was a hint that I wanted to become a director of TBRA, the answer is “maybe”.. Like I’ve said before I like to give my 100% to the Corp I’m in but I don’t deserve or have the right to be a director maybe over time it might happen but that’s not for me to decide so I will do what I always do and just be me, helping out where I can and trying to get as much PVPing in as possible..

One final note, Academy recruitment is on-hold. Current applications will be processed and the new recruits given time to settle in.

Stay tuned for more Rabbit related news.. 🙂


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Corporations, Alliances and People

September 2, 2010 2 comments

Due to lots of “noise” in my Alliance/Corps I have decided to write a post of my OWN opinions about Corporations, Alliances and the people in them. Please note that this is my own ramblings, as I haven’t been playing this game as long as others.

First off I would just like to cover a couple of points.
1. Eve is a game that we all love (and pay for) and enjoy playing, I myself am slightly addicted to the game and spend a lot of time out of the game doing Eve related stuff (reading blogs, articles, watching skill queue etc etc).
2. I believe that the way CCP have created Corporations and Alliances is as close to real life companies as any other game I’ve played in the past.
3. The people that run/manage/maintain Corporations and Alliances put a LOT of work and effort in to make it as enjoyable for it’s members as possible while providing a path for the future.

OK now I’ve got those basics covered I can start my rambling.. 🙂

When I started in the world of New Eden I didn’t want to join a Corp, I didn’t see the point really at the time I was happy getting to know the game on my own, all the chat windows were minimised and I ignored them.. (oh how things change).

Now if you ever look at the employment history of Durzo or Durz0 you will notice that I’ve been in quite a few corps in my short Eve live, the reason for this is simple I want to be in a Corp that I feel at home in, where I get on with the people, can have a laugh and have some goals to work together towards.

Now Alliances always intimidate me a bit, the concept of a all seeing big brother giving direction and orders to those corporations below, that being said I understand the benefits of Alliances and I’m slowly getting use to the concept now..

I like to believe I’m a team player, always willing to help with things no matter what and always happy to put in extra effort when required. I do however (especially in larger corporations) struggle to find my “niche” and how I can be of the most use to people. The larger the corp the harder it is for me, with levels of directors and leaders and people who are established means I end up just plodding along (not something I enjoy to be honest) trying to make a difference where I can.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect to join a corp and be given access to everything, I just like to feel I have a purpose, but these things take time (the same as in the real world with our jobs) and I’m willing to work towards it.

Now if you’ve read down this far you are probably wondering “what the f*** is he on about and why”, well it’s simple, unless you run your own Corp (I have had a 1 man corp and it’s not much fun but does serve a purpose as I wanted a POS) or stay in one of the NPC corps you will for the majority of your time having to follow the orders of others and at the same time not being aware of the big picture outside of your sphere of influence.

It’s the same in RL with the companies we work for and in Eve, the same rules apply.

1. If you are unhappy or feel like you are being treated unfair speak to some more senior about it
2. Don’t assume that you will get to have a say in the way things work unless you are senior enough
3. Decisions will always be made that you aren’t happy with (refer to point 1)
4. Sometimes the people you “work” with make a unhappy environment bearable
5. If none of the above apply then look elsewhere

Well that’s me about done to be honest, currently I’m happy in my new home (i.e. Corporation/Alliance), I no issue with the way it’s run, the people in charge and hopefully over time I will find my “niche” but be assured I will follow those 5 rules above the same as I would in real life (you know it makes sense).

Fly crazy

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