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Corporations, Alliances and People

Due to lots of “noise” in my Alliance/Corps I have decided to write a post of my OWN opinions about Corporations, Alliances and the people in them. Please note that this is my own ramblings, as I haven’t been playing this game as long as others.

First off I would just like to cover a couple of points.
1. Eve is a game that we all love (and pay for) and enjoy playing, I myself am slightly addicted to the game and spend a lot of time out of the game doing Eve related stuff (reading blogs, articles, watching skill queue etc etc).
2. I believe that the way CCP have created Corporations and Alliances is as close to real life companies as any other game I’ve played in the past.
3. The people that run/manage/maintain Corporations and Alliances put a LOT of work and effort in to make it as enjoyable for it’s members as possible while providing a path for the future.

OK now I’ve got those basics covered I can start my rambling.. 🙂

When I started in the world of New Eden I didn’t want to join a Corp, I didn’t see the point really at the time I was happy getting to know the game on my own, all the chat windows were minimised and I ignored them.. (oh how things change).

Now if you ever look at the employment history of Durzo or Durz0 you will notice that I’ve been in quite a few corps in my short Eve live, the reason for this is simple I want to be in a Corp that I feel at home in, where I get on with the people, can have a laugh and have some goals to work together towards.

Now Alliances always intimidate me a bit, the concept of a all seeing big brother giving direction and orders to those corporations below, that being said I understand the benefits of Alliances and I’m slowly getting use to the concept now..

I like to believe I’m a team player, always willing to help with things no matter what and always happy to put in extra effort when required. I do however (especially in larger corporations) struggle to find my “niche” and how I can be of the most use to people. The larger the corp the harder it is for me, with levels of directors and leaders and people who are established means I end up just plodding along (not something I enjoy to be honest) trying to make a difference where I can.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect to join a corp and be given access to everything, I just like to feel I have a purpose, but these things take time (the same as in the real world with our jobs) and I’m willing to work towards it.

Now if you’ve read down this far you are probably wondering “what the f*** is he on about and why”, well it’s simple, unless you run your own Corp (I have had a 1 man corp and it’s not much fun but does serve a purpose as I wanted a POS) or stay in one of the NPC corps you will for the majority of your time having to follow the orders of others and at the same time not being aware of the big picture outside of your sphere of influence.

It’s the same in RL with the companies we work for and in Eve, the same rules apply.

1. If you are unhappy or feel like you are being treated unfair speak to some more senior about it
2. Don’t assume that you will get to have a say in the way things work unless you are senior enough
3. Decisions will always be made that you aren’t happy with (refer to point 1)
4. Sometimes the people you “work” with make a unhappy environment bearable
5. If none of the above apply then look elsewhere

Well that’s me about done to be honest, currently I’m happy in my new home (i.e. Corporation/Alliance), I no issue with the way it’s run, the people in charge and hopefully over time I will find my “niche” but be assured I will follow those 5 rules above the same as I would in real life (you know it makes sense).

Fly crazy

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  1. September 2, 2010 at 10:13

    Very nice writeup and to the point.

    Yes Corporations and Alliances are resembling RL companies and huge worldwide corporations and are run from the top down.

    Finding one’s spot is always a search and will in the end settle, or indeed creates the need to move on.

  2. September 2, 2010 at 12:05

    So true durzo.

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