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A new beginning..

Hello readers, this weekend was short of Eve ingame time (due to real life and going to see Muse in Manchester on Saturday night..) however it wasn’t short of Eve news and changes..

There are 2 main changes that I will talk about today, they are both related and both about my life as a Rabbit.

The first change is that tonight I will no longer be a member of the TBRA (The Black Rabbits Academy) but will become a member of The Black Rabbits.. Wait does this mean I have graduated and are now a fully fledged pirate?? No this is where the second change comes into play.

You may remember me talking about the changes in the Alliance last week and how a group (quite a large group) of Rabbits decided to leave and start they own corp called FLA5HY RED, those individuals included ALL of the TBRA management (CEO, directors, librarian etc) leaving the TBRA floating in space. The leader of my Alliance (Gilgamesh) was left with not only having to accept the lose of people he relied on and trusted but also a Corporation that was in need of a lot of rebuilding. Last night the fate of the TBRA was decided, as of Tuesday the TBRA will be disbanded for good (all current members are allowed to join the TBR if they so desire, and I hope they all do).

Now some of you might think that closing down a whole Corporation is a bit over the top just because some people have left, however I fully support Gil’s decision, in fact I’m looking forward to seeing what direction the Alliance takes now we are back to being pirates full time. I know I have a lot of work to do in order to meet the required skill level and experience that is required of being a Black Rabbit but it’s a challenge I will rise to and I hope this is a start of something new and exciting.

Well that’s me done for today, hopefully my next post will be pew pew related and I can tell you about more kills and negative hits to my sec status.

Fly crazy


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