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Update w/c 12-9-10

Hello readers..

Well not much to report on really.. but none the less I want to keep my posts regular..

Durzo has been silenty training away and this morning took his new Hound out for a spin, it will take me a while to get use to flying around cloaked and working out the best range/type of torps to use but give me a couple of weeks and I will be there.. Hopefully will get out on some fleet engagements where I can provide cloaky scout and/or a bit of DPS when possible.

My indy friend Durz0 has been my main lately, running missions for Republic Fleet and some mining for the Corp, I don’t manage to get out on many fleet mining ops so I stockpile my ore and then contract it over to the Corp, the Whte Rabbits does have people that do their own thing but I still like to contribute when I can. In another few days I will finally get Durz0 into a Hulk which although a small step for some is a huge step for me in terms of my time in Eve.

I’m stilling working towards “Project October” which is where due to RL stuff have a whole week of Eve planned 24/7 if I so desire..

I would like to suggest a Blog for you to read if you don’t already Persephone Astrid’s YarrJournal is an awesome mix of fiction and fact and as a fellow pirate you should go read it.. yes you..

Fly crazy

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