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October 22, 2010 1 comment

At the beginning of next year it will be my first year in Eve.. Rightly or wrongly I’ve tried to do as much as possible in my time, I’ve mined, run missions, T2 invention, operated a POS, tried my hand pirating and PVP.

My 2 main toons have over 150 skills learnt in one or another and I tend to pick randomly which ones I train next. Durzo (my pvper is the exception his are all combat focused).

During my time I have corp hopped a bit but not due to lack of commitment more trying to find the right fit for me. The Jesters provide a nice bunch of friendly people and we all operate on a “no stress” approach. It does have it’s downsides though, trying to recruit new people and provide a way forward for the Corp is difficult at the best of times..

So for my second year in Eve I want to, with at least one of my toons experience more of the other sides to Eve, at the moment, Null Sec and WH’s appeal to me. Durz0 would be better for WH’s and Durzo would be better for Null Sec as their skills seem more suitable to those arena’s..

How did you decide on your Eve life? trial and error or more thought out approach.. Have you always known what you want??

On a side note, tomorrow is the start on my week of Eve, my awesome gf is off to Moscow to see family and I have the week of work so lots of Eve time during the days and evenings. Hopefully means I can get Durzo out of low sec (although not sure what PVP he will get in high sec) and Durz0 can restart his T2 invention and building again.

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Skills advice..

October 19, 2010 1 comment

Dear Readers, I’m once again asking for advice and guidance on my journeys in Eve. Durzo is my PVP toon and I’ve been working through the (what I believe) are necessary skills for making him a good solid PVPer. I am currently only focusing on T2 frigate size and up to Battlecruiser size ships.

Below is a link to my skill sheet and what I would like you, my loyal readers is to offer some suggestions on what I should be training over the next few months (and yes getting T2 medium AC’s is already on my list).

Skill Sheet

Any comments are welcome..

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Dead Jesters are recruiting..

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

The Jesters are now recruiting new members.. new or old to the game if you want a relaxed stress free UK based Corp then check out the Jesters… Full details can be found here:

Recruitment Post

Hope to see you soon


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Readers – I need your help..

October 14, 2010 5 comments

Hello readers, I need your advice and guidance about something..

As you are aware I have 2 main toons, Durzo is my PVPer in training and Durz0 is my indy/mining/pve/scanning toon. What you don’t know is I now have a 3rd toon who is currently training all the learning skills. The bit I need help with is what to train her for (yes she’s a she and I’m a he).. I was thinking Freighter but not sure how much I would use her for, also thought about cloaky alt but as Durzo and Durz0 can use cloaks 3 toons might be a bit too much??

So readers of my blog and Eve online players, am I looking for careers suggestions (including ship types to train towards) for her.. I currently only live in high/low sec.

Should I make her a miner?? Train her for adventures in 0.0??

Open to any and all suggestions, might even think about a prize for the one I chose (please note I’m not an ISK rich player.. yet..) lol

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Scanning.. my new hobby…

October 12, 2010 1 comment

Well last night Durz0 took out his scanning Heron around Hentogaira, mostly so I could practice scanning a bit more.. It was however a successful hour of scanning. I managed to find a Radar site, Drone Assembly and an unstable WH.. I still need to work on my scanning skills as it takes me a while to get 100% results but I got about 16mil ISK in decryptors and some T2 salvage from the drones..

Currently I use a 5 probe configuration, 1 probe in the middle with 4 around the edges and it seems to work ok for me. If any of my readers have other scanning tips please let me know..

The other Durzo has been sitting in Otsela for a while now, ratting when I can to get my sec status back up so I can get into high sec and take a more active role in the Jesters. On another note Durzo is now a Director of the Jesters (along with some of the other members) and I will be working on rebuilding the Corp over the next few months..

If you are looking for a laid back Corp of friendly people, where you can do what you want (anything goes really) then check out the Jesters or convo/mail me in game..

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Jester’s rock….

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Well I’ve only been back in the Jesters for a few days but I’m glad to be back.. The people and the atmosphere of the Corp is what I enjoy about the social aspect of this game. The corp chat is filled with a mixture RL bollocks and Eve talk and I feel comfortable around my fellow corpies..

We have a Corp meeting tonight (which I hope to attend) and now our CEO is back from his RL break we can work out the plan of action for the Jester’s moving forward. I still haven’t decided if to leave Durzo with his negative sec status or spend a few weeks ratting to get him back into high sec. Durz0 has been busy mining and getting sell orders up on the market and the ISK is slowly flowing back into my account. I did try Ice mining for a couple of hours but to be honest it’s only something I will do when I can do it semi AFK.

In other news I am working on updating and revamping the Jesters website ( and this morning I took the plunge and created a 3rd account. My plan is to train her to fly frieghters (15 day skill plan) and then move her into one of my other accounts.

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Corp changes..

October 4, 2010 1 comment

Over the weekend there was a change for me in Eve.. I left the Black Rabbits (and the White Rabbits in the case of Durz0) and I’ve rejoined the Dead Jesters.. Why you may ask.. Well if you remember I leave the Jesters due to inactivity and our missing CEO, I wasn’t the only one and some of the other guys went on their own adventures elsewhere. That however has changed and they have all returned home so I made the decision to go back as well..

For me the Jesters was home, I didn’t leave because of any negative reason only because of the quiet periods. Both Durz’s are in the Jesters now and I’m looking forward to helping get the Corp running again. Durzo will remain a pirate and lucking in low sec and Durz0 will be spending his time mining/building and PVEing for the Corp. I also have another “plan” in the works which will run in tandem of my main characters and will hopefully bring in some more ISKies.. (more details on that when it’s not such a secret)..

In the ongoing weeks I will post more about Durz0 and his tales of Eve and once I’ve got some ships for Durzo into low sec some tales of pew pew and kills..

Thank you for reading.. more post soon.
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