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Corp changes..

Over the weekend there was a change for me in Eve.. I left the Black Rabbits (and the White Rabbits in the case of Durz0) and I’ve rejoined the Dead Jesters.. Why you may ask.. Well if you remember I leave the Jesters due to inactivity and our missing CEO, I wasn’t the only one and some of the other guys went on their own adventures elsewhere. That however has changed and they have all returned home so I made the decision to go back as well..

For me the Jesters was home, I didn’t leave because of any negative reason only because of the quiet periods. Both Durz’s are in the Jesters now and I’m looking forward to helping get the Corp running again. Durzo will remain a pirate and lucking in low sec and Durz0 will be spending his time mining/building and PVEing for the Corp. I also have another “plan” in the works which will run in tandem of my main characters and will hopefully bring in some more ISKies.. (more details on that when it’s not such a secret)..

In the ongoing weeks I will post more about Durz0 and his tales of Eve and once I’ve got some ships for Durzo into low sec some tales of pew pew and kills..

Thank you for reading.. more post soon.
Fly crazy


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