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Jester’s rock….

Well I’ve only been back in the Jesters for a few days but I’m glad to be back.. The people and the atmosphere of the Corp is what I enjoy about the social aspect of this game. The corp chat is filled with a mixture RL bollocks and Eve talk and I feel comfortable around my fellow corpies..

We have a Corp meeting tonight (which I hope to attend) and now our CEO is back from his RL break we can work out the plan of action for the Jester’s moving forward. I still haven’t decided if to leave Durzo with his negative sec status or spend a few weeks ratting to get him back into high sec. Durz0 has been busy mining and getting sell orders up on the market and the ISK is slowly flowing back into my account. I did try Ice mining for a couple of hours but to be honest it’s only something I will do when I can do it semi AFK.

In other news I am working on updating and revamping the Jesters website (http://www.dead-jesters.co.uk) and this morning I took the plunge and created a 3rd account. My plan is to train her to fly frieghters (15 day skill plan) and then move her into one of my other accounts.

Fly crazy

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