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Scanning.. my new hobby…

Well last night Durz0 took out his scanning Heron around Hentogaira, mostly so I could practice scanning a bit more.. It was however a successful hour of scanning. I managed to find a Radar site, Drone Assembly and an unstable WH.. I still need to work on my scanning skills as it takes me a while to get 100% results but I got about 16mil ISK in decryptors and some T2 salvage from the drones..

Currently I use a 5 probe configuration, 1 probe in the middle with 4 around the edges and it seems to work ok for me. If any of my readers have other scanning tips please let me know..

The other Durzo has been sitting in Otsela for a while now, ratting when I can to get my sec status back up so I can get into high sec and take a more active role in the Jesters. On another note Durzo is now a Director of the Jesters (along with some of the other members) and I will be working on rebuilding the Corp over the next few months..

If you are looking for a laid back Corp of friendly people, where you can do what you want (anything goes really) then check out the Jesters or convo/mail me in game..

Fly crazy

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