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Skills advice..

Dear Readers, I’m once again asking for advice and guidance on my journeys in Eve. Durzo is my PVP toon and I’ve been working through the (what I believe) are necessary skills for making him a good solid PVPer. I am currently only focusing on T2 frigate size and up to Battlecruiser size ships.

Below is a link to my skill sheet and what I would like you, my loyal readers is to offer some suggestions on what I should be training over the next few months (and yes getting T2 medium AC’s is already on my list).

Skill Sheet

Any comments are welcome..

Fly crazy

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  1. October 19, 2010 at 17:10

    If you haven’t already got it, Thermodynamics is a must.

    As are the requisite support skills for the ships you will be flying most often.

    Personally I go with speed for Minnie frigates (navigation skills, MWD being desirable) and whichever tank takes you fancy for the only Minnie BC worth flying; the Hurricane.

    Remember though that an armour tank will cut down your options for damage mods and a shield tank will leave you lacking in tackle. If you work in shield tanking gangs with your BC, shield transfer skills are useful though not essential.

    Being able to field T2 Warriors is also pretty handy, though if you run solo a lot in your BC you may want to consider ECM drones.

    Hope this helps

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