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At the beginning of next year it will be my first year in Eve.. Rightly or wrongly I’ve tried to do as much as possible in my time, I’ve mined, run missions, T2 invention, operated a POS, tried my hand pirating and PVP.

My 2 main toons have over 150 skills learnt in one or another and I tend to pick randomly which ones I train next. Durzo (my pvper is the exception his are all combat focused).

During my time I have corp hopped a bit but not due to lack of commitment more trying to find the right fit for me. The Jesters provide a nice bunch of friendly people and we all operate on a “no stress” approach. It does have it’s downsides though, trying to recruit new people and provide a way forward for the Corp is difficult at the best of times..

So for my second year in Eve I want to, with at least one of my toons experience more of the other sides to Eve, at the moment, Null Sec and WH’s appeal to me. Durz0 would be better for WH’s and Durzo would be better for Null Sec as their skills seem more suitable to those arena’s..

How did you decide on your Eve life? trial and error or more thought out approach.. Have you always known what you want??

On a side note, tomorrow is the start on my week of Eve, my awesome gf is off to Moscow to see family and I have the week of work so lots of Eve time during the days and evenings. Hopefully means I can get Durzo out of low sec (although not sure what PVP he will get in high sec) and Durz0 can restart his T2 invention and building again.

Fly crzy

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  1. Szilardis
    October 23, 2010 at 15:26

    For my main character, I started off very randomly. He ended up in a Corp a week in (which ended up being a rather excellent Corp and whose members I am still very good friends with.) But for the most part his training and activities were very random for a long time. He’s now settling into a place as a highsec PVPer for the most part, with training on core competency elite and general ship command and T2 weapons training turning him into a general combat pilot.

    My alt had a plan from the getgo, he’s specializing in high and low sec PVP in Minmatar and Amarr sub-BS, especially the rifter, thrasher, sabre, arbitrator, hurricane, harbinger, and navy omen.

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