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Free skillpoints.. decisions, decisions

November 26, 2010 4 comments

Well it looks like CCP are giving us back our SP’s for all the learning skills we have learnt. I won’t go into the whole is it good or bad decision, for me all I care about is that my toons will end up with a couple of extra attribute points (same as if I have learnt everything to lvl 5) and I get 3 million SP’s back across all 3 toons..

The hard part for me is what to use them on.. I’ve decided on how to use them for 2 of my toons, my hauler/orca/freighter pilot will use them to get Mining Barge to level 5 (saves me 17 days of training and can get into a Orca before Christmas), Durzo will train Min Cruiser to lvl 5 so I can get into heavy assault ships and recon ships. Durz0 the brains of the outfit I have decided on yet, I have a few indy skills that could do with taking to level 5 or I might take Cruise Missiles to lvl 5 or might finish off the skills so I can fly covert ops.. decisions, decisions..

So my loyal readers how will you spend your “free” SP come December the 14th??

The last few weeks, Durzo (my PVPer) has been sat in Torrinos (his sec status allows him into 0.5 systems) but finding him things to do is limited, I’m now facing the choice to either throw him into a WH and see where he ends up, or take him back to low sec to do some exploring or back to going -10.. If I go solo in low sec I’m not sure if I will take him out the Jesters.. even more decisions..

Oh a big thanks to Astral Dominix posted on his blog about the Dead Jesters recruitment drive, I had lots of positive comments left on my blog and we have 1 new member so far because of it.. 🙂

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November 23, 2010 10 comments

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the Dead Jesters have an ongoing recruitment drive. The idea behind this is to increase the number of active players and enable us to have some larger fleet mining ops and grind some lvl 4’s for ISK and salvage etc etc.

We are a high sec, non PVP based corp and we’re not in an alliance.

So far despite having forum posts (see here), Corp adverts in-game and spamming the Recruitment chat channel I’ve managed to find a total of zero people willing to join, in fact interest is in general low..

So this makes me think either the number of new or old players looking for corps is low, the Jesters currently don’t offer anything “special” that would make people want to join or I am looking in the wrong places. I admit I don’t spend hours trying to recruit but how much effort is required?? Are there resources that I am missing that could increase the number of intereted people??

So my loyal reader(s) do you have secrets to recruitment success you can share? Am I fighting a losing battle in trying to get corp numbers up, when battling against the larger more well known corps that have lots to offer??

Thanks for reading
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Upcoming posts and general chat..

November 19, 2010 1 comment

Morning readers.. Yesterday Rixx Javix posted on his blog about the work he did on my new blog banner 🙂 and overnight I have had a massive increase in traffic to the Chronicles (thanks Rixx), although it might be a short lived bump in visitors it was still nice to wake up this morning and see that little graph shot up past 100 visitors..

When I was in the Black Rabbits I had the pleasure of flying with Astral Dominix and the other day he posted about surviving in Low Sec as a carebear. I strongly recommend this as a read.. Astral knows his stuff (as an ex-pirate) about surviving in Low Sec and to be honest the same logic applies if you only fly in High Sec space.. He also talked about getting probes added to your overview, while I was in the Rabbits we had an overview file we could download and import (click here) or you can use this Overview Generator. The overview file you can download from me is geared towards being a pirate, just so you are warned.. 🙂

The other day I posted about Money Matters, I would just like to thank everyone who spent the time to post a comment. Now I’m normally don’t do follow-up posts, however the godfather of blogging (CrazyKinux) retweeted my post and said he was looking forward to the follow-up, so not wanting to displease the god father I am planning on another post next week detailing how I make ISK through trade, mission running and indy related stuff.

Again thank you to allow my readers, fellow bloggers and the kind people that spent the time leaving comments on my blog.

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New shiny things..

November 18, 2010 2 comments

Morning readers…

Today I will be telling you about 2 new things I have (both related to Eve). The first is a nice new blog banner, the new banner was designed by the very talented Rixx Javix over at Evoganda it is well worth the ISK and I strongly recommend him for any Eve related artwork you may want.

The second new thing, is a ship.. now since playing I’ve not spent a lot of ISK on ships, the most expensive till yesterday was the Hulk that Durz0 flies. I decided that in order to try and grind some lvl 4 missions that I would splash out on a faction Battleship.. the most common used is the Caldari Navy Raven but to be honest I think the Raven is ugly as hell..

My new ship is a Scorpion Navy Issue.. it has a lovely 8 medium slots for building a tank and I have to say it looks awesome.. Most of the fit is only T2 but I hope to add some faction mods to it over the next few months..If you have a fit you want to share with me feel free I’m still experimenting with it currently..

In other news the Dead Jesters are still recruiting, looking for old and new players to mine, run missions and do some exploring…

My new 3rd character today wll be able to fly Caldari Freighters although her fitting skills still need a lot of work before I take one out.. Next she will be working on getting into an Orca so she can help out with Corp mining ops.

Thanks for reading and fly crazy

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Money matters…

November 12, 2010 6 comments

ISK is a funny old thing.. You never seem to have enough, and spending it is a lot easier than saving up.. 🙂

My relationship with ISK in Eve has always been a fragile beast, I often spend more on things I want (mostly materials for building things) and then have to spend weeks saving up for the next ship or big purchase. I make my ISK running missions, ratting, selling modules and fittings but I struggle at times making enough ISK ( yes I know you can never have too much ISK).

I often read blogs about people spending billions on implants and ships.. the question that runs through my head is “how do you make that amount of ISK”.

So my loyal readers, do you have any tips or guidance on how you make so much ISK?? Specifally if you are based mostly in High Sec.. or do I have to face facts that real ISK can only come from 0.0 space?

Fly crazy

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General Update..

November 10, 2010 1 comment

Morning my happy readers..

Well although I don’t have exciting or danger filled stories to post, I did however make a promise to myself that I would keep you my loyal readers up-to-date on where things lie in my own little Eve world..

Durzo Smith (the naughty ex pirate) is currently still in low sec, he is however only a few 0.x points away from being allowed back into High Sec so he can move down to Torrinos to join up with the rest of the Jesters. If any of you out there are looking to grind you sec status back up I would strongly recommend training Social to lvl 4 and then Fast Talk to at least lvl 3, this helpful little skill boasts the sec bonuses you get when killing rats. A battleship rat in low sec usually gets you 1.5% increase, with Fast Talk (lvl 3) you get 1.86%. It might not seem a lot but every little helps.

Training wise Mr Smith has been busy working on his Navigation skills, my plan for the rest of the year is to finish getting some of the more “basic” skills (most 1x training) to level 5 to give him a more rounded base to work from. Next year my plan is to finish off T2 medium autocannons, and work on his shield skills a bit more. I will probably also throw in Cruiser lvl 5 to allow him some more shiney ships to fly. Mr Smith will still be my combat toon, and I intend to throw him into some WH’s and 0.0 space..

Mr Blint has moved back into the T2 invention/building line of work (as well as grinding lvl 4 missions), I’m currently researching some BPO’s and have about 200mil of sell orders in Torrinos. I hope to increase that and make back some of the ISK I spent recently on materials and datacores. Mr Blint is currently training towards getting into an Orca to enable the Corp to start some mining ops to raise the Corp wallet a bit and because it’s a cool ship to fly… 🙂 After that he will be finishing off some combat related skills to enable his mission grinding to go a bit smoother and next year I will look to get him into a Tengu.

On other news, my new 3rd account is currently training away to enable her to fly Freighters, Orca’s and Transport ships. My biggest issue currently in Eve is transport and moving large amounts of m3 around, I’m hoping she can help with this and fly my Orca so Mr Blint can mine..

The Jesters are still recruiting, we have had some interest but are always looking for new or experienced pilots to join, we can offer lvl 4 agents for Spacelane and Home Guard, a thriving market (we are next to 0.0 after all) and in the future a POS in high sec and some WH adventures.. Drop by the Skallywag Bar eve channel if you fancy a chat.

One last note, you might remember I mentioned a while back about commissioning Rixx Javix to create me a new blog banner.. Mr Javix has of late had some RL issues to deal with and as such this has caused delays with his artwork.. I’m hoping that by Christmas I will have a nice new shiny banner to share with you all.

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Jesters have moved…

November 2, 2010 1 comment

Hello readers..

Last week was my week of Eve, I had the week off work and my gf was away seeing family so I had a whole week to myself and lots of time for Eve..

There has been a lot of discussion among the Jester’s Directors about what we can do to make the Corp better and increase membership, there have been talks about getting into 0.0 space, looking for a WH to setup in and trying to get all the Jesters back into 1 system (most were spread out in systems to run lvl 4’s or plexes away from the Corp base).

At the beginning of last week, myself and one of the other Directors scouted a new system for the Jesters to call home, we managed to find a High Sec system in Caldari space that offered lots of Asteriod belts, two different LVL 4 agents (as well as lvl 1,2 & 3 for those Corporations) and was 1 jump from a busy 0.0 system.

I would at this point like to say thanks to Red Frog Investments, they are a high sec haulage company within Eve and they are very good at moving large amounts of goods, quickly and cheaply. I’ve used them many times and they always deliver.. If you need something moving and don’t want to do repeated trips back and forth I would suggest you use these guys..

The Jesters are now moved to Torrinos, based in Lonetrek and 1 jump from Pure Blind (0.0 space).

The rest of my week was spent grinding some lvl 4’s to get my standings up with Spacelane and Home Guard and I’m about 0.04% away from having perfect refining with Spacelane now..

Durzo (the PVPer) is still trying to get out of low sec, I have to admit that I’ve been dragging my heels a bit as ratting is a bit boring after time.. I hope to get him out soon and will be training Fast Talk in order to improve my Concord standings quicker..

Durz0 will be training up some ship skills that I’ve been neglecting and then I will be looking at getting into a Tengu to help with my lvl 4 missions..

Recruitment is still ongoing and hopefully soon we will have some new members to help with corp activity levels and we can organise some Corp mining fleets to build up Corp funds and supplies..

Fly safe

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