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Jesters have moved…

Hello readers..

Last week was my week of Eve, I had the week off work and my gf was away seeing family so I had a whole week to myself and lots of time for Eve..

There has been a lot of discussion among the Jester’s Directors about what we can do to make the Corp better and increase membership, there have been talks about getting into 0.0 space, looking for a WH to setup in and trying to get all the Jesters back into 1 system (most were spread out in systems to run lvl 4’s or plexes away from the Corp base).

At the beginning of last week, myself and one of the other Directors scouted a new system for the Jesters to call home, we managed to find a High Sec system in Caldari space that offered lots of Asteriod belts, two different LVL 4 agents (as well as lvl 1,2 & 3 for those Corporations) and was 1 jump from a busy 0.0 system.

I would at this point like to say thanks to Red Frog Investments, they are a high sec haulage company within Eve and they are very good at moving large amounts of goods, quickly and cheaply. I’ve used them many times and they always deliver.. If you need something moving and don’t want to do repeated trips back and forth I would suggest you use these guys..

The Jesters are now moved to Torrinos, based in Lonetrek and 1 jump from Pure Blind (0.0 space).

The rest of my week was spent grinding some lvl 4’s to get my standings up with Spacelane and Home Guard and I’m about 0.04% away from having perfect refining with Spacelane now..

Durzo (the PVPer) is still trying to get out of low sec, I have to admit that I’ve been dragging my heels a bit as ratting is a bit boring after time.. I hope to get him out soon and will be training Fast Talk in order to improve my Concord standings quicker..

Durz0 will be training up some ship skills that I’ve been neglecting and then I will be looking at getting into a Tengu to help with my lvl 4 missions..

Recruitment is still ongoing and hopefully soon we will have some new members to help with corp activity levels and we can organise some Corp mining fleets to build up Corp funds and supplies..

Fly safe

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