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General Update..

Morning my happy readers..

Well although I don’t have exciting or danger filled stories to post, I did however make a promise to myself that I would keep you my loyal readers up-to-date on where things lie in my own little Eve world..

Durzo Smith (the naughty ex pirate) is currently still in low sec, he is however only a few 0.x points away from being allowed back into High Sec so he can move down to Torrinos to join up with the rest of the Jesters. If any of you out there are looking to grind you sec status back up I would strongly recommend training Social to lvl 4 and then Fast Talk to at least lvl 3, this helpful little skill boasts the sec bonuses you get when killing rats. A battleship rat in low sec usually gets you 1.5% increase, with Fast Talk (lvl 3) you get 1.86%. It might not seem a lot but every little helps.

Training wise Mr Smith has been busy working on his Navigation skills, my plan for the rest of the year is to finish getting some of the more “basic” skills (most 1x training) to level 5 to give him a more rounded base to work from. Next year my plan is to finish off T2 medium autocannons, and work on his shield skills a bit more. I will probably also throw in Cruiser lvl 5 to allow him some more shiney ships to fly. Mr Smith will still be my combat toon, and I intend to throw him into some WH’s and 0.0 space..

Mr Blint has moved back into the T2 invention/building line of work (as well as grinding lvl 4 missions), I’m currently researching some BPO’s and have about 200mil of sell orders in Torrinos. I hope to increase that and make back some of the ISK I spent recently on materials and datacores. Mr Blint is currently training towards getting into an Orca to enable the Corp to start some mining ops to raise the Corp wallet a bit and because it’s a cool ship to fly… 🙂 After that he will be finishing off some combat related skills to enable his mission grinding to go a bit smoother and next year I will look to get him into a Tengu.

On other news, my new 3rd account is currently training away to enable her to fly Freighters, Orca’s and Transport ships. My biggest issue currently in Eve is transport and moving large amounts of m3 around, I’m hoping she can help with this and fly my Orca so Mr Blint can mine..

The Jesters are still recruiting, we have had some interest but are always looking for new or experienced pilots to join, we can offer lvl 4 agents for Spacelane and Home Guard, a thriving market (we are next to 0.0 after all) and in the future a POS in high sec and some WH adventures.. Drop by the Skallywag Bar eve channel if you fancy a chat.

One last note, you might remember I mentioned a while back about commissioning Rixx Javix to create me a new blog banner.. Mr Javix has of late had some RL issues to deal with and as such this has caused delays with his artwork.. I’m hoping that by Christmas I will have a nice new shiny banner to share with you all.

Fly crazy

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