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Money matters…

ISK is a funny old thing.. You never seem to have enough, and spending it is a lot easier than saving up.. 🙂

My relationship with ISK in Eve has always been a fragile beast, I often spend more on things I want (mostly materials for building things) and then have to spend weeks saving up for the next ship or big purchase. I make my ISK running missions, ratting, selling modules and fittings but I struggle at times making enough ISK ( yes I know you can never have too much ISK).

I often read blogs about people spending billions on implants and ships.. the question that runs through my head is “how do you make that amount of ISK”.

So my loyal readers, do you have any tips or guidance on how you make so much ISK?? Specifally if you are based mostly in High Sec.. or do I have to face facts that real ISK can only come from 0.0 space?

Fly crazy

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  1. November 12, 2010 at 15:43

    I used to make a killing mining the ABC ores in 0.0 with 2 Hulks and a Orca pilot with the mindlink. With wormholes coming the ABC prices dropped so badly it isn’t even worth it anymore. A lot of people say trading makes good isk, but that means playing the 0.01isk game and that’s also not particularly satisfying.

    Running complexes in 0.0 seems to be one of the more reliable ways to make isk, but thats if you can find one, if the complex actually drops something good, and if you can then get the goods out of 0.0..

    Nowadays I just tend to spend as little isk as possible and I don’t fly ‘pimp’ stuff anymore either..

  2. November 12, 2010 at 15:44

    Most direct way is the PLEX market. 🙂

  3. November 12, 2010 at 15:48

    I am just like you – I make ISK by running missions and doing the odd ship or component build. I have found that managing a well-run PI can help, and we have also started farming Wormholes. But recently I feel that I have hit an ISK ‘barrier’. I don’t think I can really make much more than I already do in High-Sec.

    However, my CEO has a couple of billion ISK to his name, and that is rapidly climbing. And he is very much in the shadow of his mentor, who has trillions in his wallet. Apparently the answer is Industry. Just buy materials and keep building the things that sell well (drones are apparently a good one!). As your capitol increases, so should your choice of build (Tech I to Tech II, etc) and your profit will escalate in harmony. Trade is closely followed. Just by flipping orders in Jita can make you 1-billion a day if done right. For me, personally, these methods are not all that appealing.

    I think it’s either that or a move to Null-Sec, where running a single scan-site can apparently bring in 10billion a pop!

    Sorry for the long reply!

    Good luck!


  4. November 12, 2010 at 18:06

    my relationship with ISK is pretty fragmented. I usually train up a character on a third account and do all those evil infiltration, spy or otherwise nefarious missions with that guy until either they get made, or steal something worth selling, once they are they usually they have between 10 and 20 mil sp so I steal what I can, then sell the character. That provides good isk on both ends for the short side of having to pay for the extra account and have corp infiltration on your mind.

    Failing that I hear training up alts and selling them without the infiltration works nicely too! lol

  5. Calderus Rex
    November 19, 2010 at 00:02

    Having played the game for almost 3 years now, I’ve tried a number of different ways to make teh iskies. The key is what you like to do and your playing style, with a big split being active vs passive sources. A quick summary of my experience:

    * L4 Missioning – low startup cost, but caps out at 30M / hr and gets dreadfully repetitive.
    * Mining – useless unless you macro mine.
    * 0.0 Ratting / Anoms – With new Dominion changes, grinding Anoms is 50-100M / hr with fairly low risk. Boring, but more profitable than L4s
    * 0.0 Plexing – Yes can be 1B+ from a plex, but can also be much less. Riskier, far more variable, but probably comparable to Anoms overall. In more populated areas, finding good plexs can be very difficult though.
    * Wormholing PVE – never done it full time, but everyone I’ve talked to who does this seriously has more isk than god. Life in wormholes has its own challenges though, as I’m sure you’ve read on other blogs.

    * Trading – Never my cup of tea but many people swear by it. Its not all .01 isk games either. People say its fairly easy to get to a few hundred mil income / day if you put some thought and spreadsheet work in.
    * PI – utter crap until they make this less click intensive. Can make you maybe 10M per day but a lot of maintenance work, daily clicking, etc.
    * T1 Mfg – difficult to make a lot of money on.
    * T2 Invention & Mfg – Easy to make 20-100M / day, rather hard to scale much higher than that without many alts, and a lot more investment / effort.
    * Moon mining & Reactions – my personal favorite. Takes a lot of startup capital, but once up, is quite profitable with very low maintenance work.

    Generally if you can log on 5+ days a week, there are good passive income options, although many take startup capital. If you can’t, then active sources are often better, as you can make money when you need it.

  1. November 19, 2010 at 10:19

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