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New shiny things..

Morning readers…

Today I will be telling you about 2 new things I have (both related to Eve). The first is a nice new blog banner, the new banner was designed by the very talented Rixx Javix over at Evoganda it is well worth the ISK and I strongly recommend him for any Eve related artwork you may want.

The second new thing, is a ship.. now since playing I’ve not spent a lot of ISK on ships, the most expensive till yesterday was the Hulk that Durz0 flies. I decided that in order to try and grind some lvl 4 missions that I would splash out on a faction Battleship.. the most common used is the Caldari Navy Raven but to be honest I think the Raven is ugly as hell..

My new ship is a Scorpion Navy Issue.. it has a lovely 8 medium slots for building a tank and I have to say it looks awesome.. Most of the fit is only T2 but I hope to add some faction mods to it over the next few months..If you have a fit you want to share with me feel free I’m still experimenting with it currently..

In other news the Dead Jesters are still recruiting, looking for old and new players to mine, run missions and do some exploring…

My new 3rd character today wll be able to fly Caldari Freighters although her fitting skills still need a lot of work before I take one out.. Next she will be working on getting into an Orca so she can help out with Corp mining ops.

Thanks for reading and fly crazy

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  1. November 18, 2010 at 22:58

    Hey the new banner looks great m8! I’ll post up a link and send some traffic your way, I already put you up in the blog link list. Thanks for the work and I hope you enjoy it.

    • November 18, 2010 at 23:13

      No thank you for the artwork m8.. I might speak to you in the New Year about some artwork for the Corp.. and thanks for the extra traffic.. 🙂

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