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A New Year a New Start

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello readers,

Some of you (those that read this blog) may have noticed over the last few posts that my interest in the Jesters was dropping. This was through no fault of anyone, just a general lack of organisation and commitment from the management. So rather than lose interest in the game I decided that it was time to start my own Corp.. Abaddon Innovations has been “mine” for a while but only as a place to store ISK or go when I’m in-between corps. This time though I have the intention of making into a real corp, I’ve already starting the recruitment process and a couple of the Jesters (the ones more interesting in mining/indy/pve) have joined me.

The current goal for the next 6 months is to get some more members and start looking into full time ship building, capital shup building is underway and we are busy mining for the necessary minerals. It’s early days but things seem to be going well, we’ve made over 50mil ISK for the corp just from running missions and selling the high end loot, the corp hanger is starting to fill up with minerals and the other director shares the same drive as me for making something of the corp (not to mention lots of ISK).

If you are a miner/inventor/builder/mission runner or explorer and you are looking for somewhere to call home then drop by the ABADD-PUBLIC channel for a chat.

Fly safe and a happy new year to you all..


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Looking for new corp

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello readers, I hope you are all enjoying this period of Christmas cheer and festivity in whatever form it comes to you.

I posted a while back about the “trouble” I found trying to recruit people in the Jesters, I had a lot of feedback and advice on this, and we in fact had a new recruit make a 33 jump trip to join us. This post is to share what I believe is the key information you need to tell recruiters about when looking for a new corp.

When looking for a new corp there are a few key things you need to advertise about yourself, these are:

1. Timezone/Playing Time – (a lot of recruiters will ignore this and offer you corps that might not be in your timezone or playing time). You need to be specific about your timezone and how often you play, this enables recruiters to understand if you are a regular player and when you will be online.

2. Your skills – As in real life you do have things to offer a new corporation, in Eve, recruiters are looking more at your skills, what you can do/fly and also what you are training for. You can either provide a breakdown of your skills or you can use a website like Eve Board to “advertise” your skills. Personally I prefer Eve Board, it uses your limited API (which you can change or password protect the page) and gives a better view of what you can do within Eve.

3. What you like to do – Try and be specific about what you like to do, the last thing you want is to join a corp to find they only do PVP when you just like to mine. You can also include things that you would like to try in the future, this gives recruiters a better understanding of what you will need help with if you join them.

4. Voice communication – A lot of Corps and Alliances use some form of VOIP to take to each other, make sure you include if you have the software installed, have a working mic (or not) and if you are willing to use it. For example I have Teamspeak and Vent installed and a working mic, but my RL doesn’t always allow me to be on and talking.

5. What can you bring to a Corporation – This is more about why you think you would be a good fit, things like “team player”, “happy to help out” etc etc help recruiters can a better understanding of you and the way you play Eve (NOTE: you can make this up or lie but then what’s the point?)

6. What do you want from a Corporation – It’s very important that you take the time to think about what you want from a Corp and it’s leadership, whether it’s help with skill plans, ship replacement, progression within the Corp you need to make sure you tell people what you are looking for.

Looking for a new corp takes time, don’t rush the purpose I’ve joined Corps that look good and then turn out rubbish (inactive players, no real direction etc). Use the tools you have available to see what you can find out about any Corp you are thinking about joining. I tend to use these online tools:

1. Google – just search for the Corp name you will be surprised what you can find
2. BattleClinic – Search for the Corp in the killboards, you can find out from there if they are PVP heavy, get attacked a lot etc etc
3. DotLan Eve Maps – Find out where they are based and look at the system on Dotlan, this will tell you available agents, show you the systems near by, asteroid field types
4. Eve Gate – Add the CEO to your watchlist it will show if he’s posted any “chatter” in Eve Gate and give you an out of game view of the Corp (members etc etc)

Hopefully you have found this helpful, but regardless I like to share.. 🙂

Fly crazy

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December 23, 2010 5 comments

Morning all,

Some of you might have read my post from yesterday about feeling disillusioned in my Eve life currently.. Well last night it got worse. The Jester’s aren’t a ISK rich corp, we had (notice the word had) about 500mil ISK split between 2 wallets. About 140mil (in the Sales Wallet) of that is from selling ships and other modules that we (myself and 1 of the other directors) built or got from running missions.

Last night after finishing work late, and doing the Christmas food shop at Tesco’s (and yes I got the wonky trolley) I updated my iClone to find that the Corp master wallet was now at 1mil isk and the “Sales” wallet was down by 40mil. Needless to say I logged on straight away and checked what was going on.

A while back (before I joined the Jesters), 1 of the directors bought with his own isk a BPO for a Drake class battlecrusier that was intended for the Corp, that director held and produced Drakes (not sure where the ISK went for those). This Director went AFK a while back after quitting his RL job and going back to college (student=no ££ for Eve). 5 days ago he came back thanks for CCP’s attempt to get players back into the game, and he’s spent this time mining to build drakes to get a PLEX. The other night I came online at the tail end of a convo about the BPO and giving the guy his isk for it from the Corp fund. Last night he took the isk that was “owed”.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you buy something for any corporation on the understanding that they will refund you then they should, but the difference is that it shouldn’t just happen and not when the Corp can’t really afford it.

The thing that really annoyed me (and it takes a lot to get me annoyed in Eve) is the lack of communication about it, no emails after the event to say “just so you know”, no published group discussion between the directors to say this would happen and no input from the CEO (who is now back after his RL break).

So the Jesters now have a lot less ISK than before and to be honest I’m not going to use my time in Eve to mine and build Drakes to build up the Corp wallet again. I think over Christmas I will take a break from Eve, queue some longer skills and decide what I will do in the New Year.

Fly crazy

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The Disillusion of Eve…

December 22, 2010 2 comments

Evening readers, currently I’m sitting at work, waiting for a 3rd party to complete some work so I can home and spend time with those that mean something to me (that’s my girlfriend rather than corp mates).. 🙂

I’ve been playing Eve for nearly a year now and I still love the game, the endless choices, the growth of a player as he learns and develops, but recently I’ve found it harder to feel happy in the game. I’m not quitting or taking a break I just need to find a new avenue for myself within the game..

Part of the problem is the Jester’s, through no fault of my fellow corp mates, logging in to find only a couple of the “regulars” online willing to participant in mining ops means that most of the time it’s myself and one other sitting in a belt with 3 hulks and an Orca. Yes we rip through the belts and can fill 170K m3 of cargo space in 40 minutes but then what? There is not corp “plan” to build things so I’ve been spending my time mining to build capital ship components for my first capital ship build (which needs a lot of minerals).

Durzo Smith my PVPer is an outcast in high sec, his low sec status means he is trapped in Torrinos sitting in station, yes his skills are improving but he’s getting bored and restless. In the New Year he will move either back to low sec and go solo with an aim to getting -10 or maybe find a 0.0 corp to cut his teeth in some null space warfare. My only other choice for him is to grind his sec status back up and then maybe try faction warfare or high sec war’s.

I guess every Eve player reaches this point and has to make a decision about what to do, quit, take a break, try something new, again like the game itself the choices are endless and only time will tell if things work out for the best.

I would also like to take this chance to wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year, may 2011 be filled of joy, happiness and exploding ships (or asteroids if that’s your thing).

Fly crazy

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Skill point spending…

December 16, 2010 1 comment

So last night, I along with many many others in New Eden was working out how to spend our skill points, returned to us by CCP when they got rid of the Learning Skills.. This is a breakdown of how I spent those lovely lovely SP’s.

Durzo Smith – Durzo had the fewest points to spend (about 850K) so after some careful thinking I decided to use them to get Torps up to lvl 5 as I’ve decided that my WH adventures will be in a Stealth Bomber.. mostly because I have good skills in those and I can try my hand at bomb runs.. 🙂

Desire (my hauler alt) had the most skill points (1.2mil) and used them to get minng barge to lvl5 and mining foreman to lvl 5. She can now sit in the Orca but needs leadership 5 to use the gang links (only 4 days though). After that and Freighter lvl 4 I will remap her attributes more for Int and Mem and train all the core skills need for flying the ships she has.

Durz0 was all indy based, mass production went to lvl 5 and production effiency to lvl 5 as well. He’s not going to concentrate on the skills need to finishing off his mining abilities and to make his mission running better in his Scorpion (Navy Issue.. yum yum).

And that’s it..

Fly crazy

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Taking the plunge..

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Morning readers,

You may have noticed that over the last few months Durzo Smith (my pvper) has been a bit “quiet” in terms of activity. The reason for this is his sec status.. Ratting in low sec takes time and the nearest low sec system is 9 jumps away and very busy with the local pirates population. Grinding your sec status back up is painful to say the least and I’ve lost the will to carry on for now so Durzo has been sitting in Torrinos (home of the Dead Jesters) training skills while I decide what to do with him.

The good news is that I’ve decided on a plan for him which should lead to some interesting stories for this blog and give me a chance to try my hand at some more pvp without losing more of my sec status. In the new year (once Recon trains to lvl 4 and I give my drone skills some love) I will be finding the cloest WH and plunging into it.. Yes I know I will lose my ship and pod but I don’t mind.. losing ships and implants is all part of the game and I’m looking forward to seeing how long I can last in WH space and where I end up. Durzo will still stay with the Jesters, as I’ve found having toons in different corps makes things difficult dedicating time to them.

So if you have any tips to surviving in WH’s feel free to share.. 🙂 also will need a good Recon ship fit as well.. 🙂

In other news the Incursion patch was delayed by 24 hours.. no big deal to be honest just means another 24 hours to wait before I can complete my planned “free” skills.

The Jesters have a new CEO, standing in for our absent CEO and Corp founder so we will see what happens in the next few weeks.

Durz0 is finishing off his Orca skills and after the patch will be focusing on more PVE related skills to make those lvl 4 missions easier to grind. He can currently handle most of them solo just needs some more shield and missile skills to make them easier/quicker. Durz0 will also be trying his hand at some capital shiip construction.

Looking back at the wide range of skills he has I am pleased with how his training went over his first year, and I plan to spend next year improving the ones he currently has to make him “better”..

Fly crazy

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New ships, corporation relationships..

December 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello readers, it’s been a while since my last post so I thought I would share what’s been going on..

The Jesters are plodding along, we have been working on building some ships and selling them on market. At the moment the issue is with mining enough ore for the ships but we now have Orca support in the corp (2 members including myself) that can fly these wonderful ships..

My hauler alt, has finally started to give back after all the training, she can now fly Freighters, Transport Ships, the new Noctis (very awesome at what it does) and is now working towards piloting the Orca (to free up Durz0 for mining) and then onto Exhumers.

Durzo Smith has been lying low lately, his sec status is still that it only allows him into 0.5 systems which limits his options. Medium Turrents V is training and once that is done and with the “free” skill points due next week he will be getting Cruiser V trained. I have some plans for him in the New Year but more details on that later.. 🙂

Life in the Jesters is a bit “strained” at the moment, the lack of a active CEO has led to some discussions about the future of the Corp and the direction we are taking.. There are several schools of thought and some issues among the directors about what we are doing. There are talks about joining an Alliance that is about to get war dec’d, renting space from a 0.0 alliance for ratting and mining and currently an ongoing vote for a new CEO that is being challenged by one of the directors who believes he should have the role.

I’ve mentioned in my blog before that me and politics don’t mix well, I returned to the Jesters because I wanted to play a part in the future of the corp and the direction it takes, what I don’t like is the crap that comes with it in terms of people doing their own thing without talking to other directors and the general lack of “togetherness” when it comes to the future of the Corp..

I’m coming up to playing Eve for a year and I’ve managed to try a lot of things, if things in the Jesters don’t settle then I will be moving on, it’s not a lack of commitment to the corp it’s more about needing something that I can call my own and have a bit more control over.. if that makes sense?

Anyway, more from me when I have something to tell you..

Fly crazy

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