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New ships, corporation relationships..

Hello readers, it’s been a while since my last post so I thought I would share what’s been going on..

The Jesters are plodding along, we have been working on building some ships and selling them on market. At the moment the issue is with mining enough ore for the ships but we now have Orca support in the corp (2 members including myself) that can fly these wonderful ships..

My hauler alt, has finally started to give back after all the training, she can now fly Freighters, Transport Ships, the new Noctis (very awesome at what it does) and is now working towards piloting the Orca (to free up Durz0 for mining) and then onto Exhumers.

Durzo Smith has been lying low lately, his sec status is still that it only allows him into 0.5 systems which limits his options. Medium Turrents V is training and once that is done and with the “free” skill points due next week he will be getting Cruiser V trained. I have some plans for him in the New Year but more details on that later.. 🙂

Life in the Jesters is a bit “strained” at the moment, the lack of a active CEO has led to some discussions about the future of the Corp and the direction we are taking.. There are several schools of thought and some issues among the directors about what we are doing. There are talks about joining an Alliance that is about to get war dec’d, renting space from a 0.0 alliance for ratting and mining and currently an ongoing vote for a new CEO that is being challenged by one of the directors who believes he should have the role.

I’ve mentioned in my blog before that me and politics don’t mix well, I returned to the Jesters because I wanted to play a part in the future of the corp and the direction it takes, what I don’t like is the crap that comes with it in terms of people doing their own thing without talking to other directors and the general lack of “togetherness” when it comes to the future of the Corp..

I’m coming up to playing Eve for a year and I’ve managed to try a lot of things, if things in the Jesters don’t settle then I will be moving on, it’s not a lack of commitment to the corp it’s more about needing something that I can call my own and have a bit more control over.. if that makes sense?

Anyway, more from me when I have something to tell you..

Fly crazy

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