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Skill point spending…

So last night, I along with many many others in New Eden was working out how to spend our skill points, returned to us by CCP when they got rid of the Learning Skills.. This is a breakdown of how I spent those lovely lovely SP’s.

Durzo Smith – Durzo had the fewest points to spend (about 850K) so after some careful thinking I decided to use them to get Torps up to lvl 5 as I’ve decided that my WH adventures will be in a Stealth Bomber.. mostly because I have good skills in those and I can try my hand at bomb runs.. 🙂

Desire (my hauler alt) had the most skill points (1.2mil) and used them to get minng barge to lvl5 and mining foreman to lvl 5. She can now sit in the Orca but needs leadership 5 to use the gang links (only 4 days though). After that and Freighter lvl 4 I will remap her attributes more for Int and Mem and train all the core skills need for flying the ships she has.

Durz0 was all indy based, mass production went to lvl 5 and production effiency to lvl 5 as well. He’s not going to concentrate on the skills need to finishing off his mining abilities and to make his mission running better in his Scorpion (Navy Issue.. yum yum).

And that’s it..

Fly crazy

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