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The Disillusion of Eve…

Evening readers, currently I’m sitting at work, waiting for a 3rd party to complete some work so I can home and spend time with those that mean something to me (that’s my girlfriend rather than corp mates).. 🙂

I’ve been playing Eve for nearly a year now and I still love the game, the endless choices, the growth of a player as he learns and develops, but recently I’ve found it harder to feel happy in the game. I’m not quitting or taking a break I just need to find a new avenue for myself within the game..

Part of the problem is the Jester’s, through no fault of my fellow corp mates, logging in to find only a couple of the “regulars” online willing to participant in mining ops means that most of the time it’s myself and one other sitting in a belt with 3 hulks and an Orca. Yes we rip through the belts and can fill 170K m3 of cargo space in 40 minutes but then what? There is not corp “plan” to build things so I’ve been spending my time mining to build capital ship components for my first capital ship build (which needs a lot of minerals).

Durzo Smith my PVPer is an outcast in high sec, his low sec status means he is trapped in Torrinos sitting in station, yes his skills are improving but he’s getting bored and restless. In the New Year he will move either back to low sec and go solo with an aim to getting -10 or maybe find a 0.0 corp to cut his teeth in some null space warfare. My only other choice for him is to grind his sec status back up and then maybe try faction warfare or high sec war’s.

I guess every Eve player reaches this point and has to make a decision about what to do, quit, take a break, try something new, again like the game itself the choices are endless and only time will tell if things work out for the best.

I would also like to take this chance to wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year, may 2011 be filled of joy, happiness and exploding ships (or asteroids if that’s your thing).

Fly crazy

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  1. December 22, 2010 at 19:43

    I totally sympathise Durzo. I’ve been finding satisfaction
    harder to come by in EVE lately, and it is largely due to absent
    corp-mates. Maybe you would benefit from your corp joining an
    active alliance which might give you a bit more of the human
    contact that you seek. In terms of another in-game direction,
    perhaps you could look into manufacture, since it sounds like
    you’ve got a huge stockpile of minerals it might be quite rewarding
    to learn how to do something with it.

  2. December 22, 2010 at 19:58

    It’s just that time when you have reached an inactive point
    in your Eve life and done the dreaded re-evaluation. Sounds to me
    like you’ve identified the area that needs changing and just need
    to do them. However, don’t lose sight of real life and rather than
    plug away at the minute at something you aren’t really enjoying for
    whatever reason, take some time out in RL to smell the roses. Corp
    recruiters will be back in full swing in the New Year so you can
    start afresh with a new aim and renewed vigour!

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