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Looking for new corp

Hello readers, I hope you are all enjoying this period of Christmas cheer and festivity in whatever form it comes to you.

I posted a while back about the “trouble” I found trying to recruit people in the Jesters, I had a lot of feedback and advice on this, and we in fact had a new recruit make a 33 jump trip to join us. This post is to share what I believe is the key information you need to tell recruiters about when looking for a new corp.

When looking for a new corp there are a few key things you need to advertise about yourself, these are:

1. Timezone/Playing Time – (a lot of recruiters will ignore this and offer you corps that might not be in your timezone or playing time). You need to be specific about your timezone and how often you play, this enables recruiters to understand if you are a regular player and when you will be online.

2. Your skills – As in real life you do have things to offer a new corporation, in Eve, recruiters are looking more at your skills, what you can do/fly and also what you are training for. You can either provide a breakdown of your skills or you can use a website like Eve Board to “advertise” your skills. Personally I prefer Eve Board, it uses your limited API (which you can change or password protect the page) and gives a better view of what you can do within Eve.

3. What you like to do – Try and be specific about what you like to do, the last thing you want is to join a corp to find they only do PVP when you just like to mine. You can also include things that you would like to try in the future, this gives recruiters a better understanding of what you will need help with if you join them.

4. Voice communication – A lot of Corps and Alliances use some form of VOIP to take to each other, make sure you include if you have the software installed, have a working mic (or not) and if you are willing to use it. For example I have Teamspeak and Vent installed and a working mic, but my RL doesn’t always allow me to be on and talking.

5. What can you bring to a Corporation – This is more about why you think you would be a good fit, things like “team player”, “happy to help out” etc etc help recruiters can a better understanding of you and the way you play Eve (NOTE: you can make this up or lie but then what’s the point?)

6. What do you want from a Corporation – It’s very important that you take the time to think about what you want from a Corp and it’s leadership, whether it’s help with skill plans, ship replacement, progression within the Corp you need to make sure you tell people what you are looking for.

Looking for a new corp takes time, don’t rush the purpose I’ve joined Corps that look good and then turn out rubbish (inactive players, no real direction etc). Use the tools you have available to see what you can find out about any Corp you are thinking about joining. I tend to use these online tools:

1. Google – just search for the Corp name you will be surprised what you can find
2. BattleClinic – Search for the Corp in the killboards, you can find out from there if they are PVP heavy, get attacked a lot etc etc
3. DotLan Eve Maps – Find out where they are based and look at the system on Dotlan, this will tell you available agents, show you the systems near by, asteroid field types
4. Eve Gate – Add the CEO to your watchlist it will show if he’s posted any “chatter” in Eve Gate and give you an out of game view of the Corp (members etc etc)

Hopefully you have found this helpful, but regardless I like to share.. 🙂

Fly crazy

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