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A New Year a New Start

Hello readers,

Some of you (those that read this blog) may have noticed over the last few posts that my interest in the Jesters was dropping. This was through no fault of anyone, just a general lack of organisation and commitment from the management. So rather than lose interest in the game I decided that it was time to start my own Corp.. Abaddon Innovations has been “mine” for a while but only as a place to store ISK or go when I’m in-between corps. This time though I have the intention of making into a real corp, I’ve already starting the recruitment process and a couple of the Jesters (the ones more interesting in mining/indy/pve) have joined me.

The current goal for the next 6 months is to get some more members and start looking into full time ship building, capital shup building is underway and we are busy mining for the necessary minerals. It’s early days but things seem to be going well, we’ve made over 50mil ISK for the corp just from running missions and selling the high end loot, the corp hanger is starting to fill up with minerals and the other director shares the same drive as me for making something of the corp (not to mention lots of ISK).

If you are a miner/inventor/builder/mission runner or explorer and you are looking for somewhere to call home then drop by the ABADD-PUBLIC channel for a chat.

Fly safe and a happy new year to you all..


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