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January 31, 2011 1 comment

Well I didn’t manage much Eve time over the weekend due to RL stuff. I always feel a bit quilty when I can’t log in as I worry the newer corp members will become bored and look elsewhere. Fingers crossed they are happy enough in ABADD and with our move to WH space on the horizon that will give us all a common goal to move towards.

The next week I will be working on the “To Do” list for things we need and working out some logisitics etc.. I feel more spreadsheets coming..

In other news my blog is now listed as an Eve “Fansite” on the official Eve website. The process was for me an easy one, I filled in the application on Thursday and on Saturday got an email from CCP to confirm that I would be added. Not sure if that’s how it normally works but..

In RL I’m a professional IT geek, heavily involved in servers, virtual environments, e-commerce etc etc. I’ve decided this year to challenge my IT skills and start working on web/database projects (an area I’ve only dabbled in). In order to keep me interested (I have a short attention span) I’m going to mix my love of Eve into these projects and hopefully build a Corp web portal for ABADD and a couple of other ideas I have. I have 3 projects in mind the rough end game is along these lines.

1. Corp portal – To allow myself and other ABADD members out of game access to market orders, member tracking etc etc (will be secure from non members).

2. WH map database – There are couple out there but I want to create my own, more for the practice and having my own resposity available.

3. Background checker for new members – Yes I know I can use Evemon, but I want to integrate a search function in to collect information from other sources, I also want to try and make it so I don’t need to ever see a limited API from someone wanting to join.

These will be a mix of static data and API calls so I hope CCP’s changes to the API won’t mess things up to much.

If any of my readers can offer hints, tips or advice please let me know.. It’s all new to me so will be interesting and I will keep you up to date and where possible share my code.

Fly safe

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The difference a day can make..

January 27, 2011 1 comment

You may be aware that Durzo Smith has been travelling around low sec working on getting his sec status back, it’s been a slow process that can be a bit soul destroying but needs must (and it was my fault it got that low). Today I had the day off work (well sort of as I worked all through the night) so I thought I would put a bit of “ratting time” in. I started the morning with a sec status of -4.4 (my goal is anything below -4.0, doesn’t sound much does it), and flying my trusty Wolf assault ship (like the rifter just with more teeth) I set off into low sec.

In a weird twist of irony the low sec region I have been ratting in is home to Fla5hy Red which is made up of a lot of ex Black Rabbits pilots so of which I’ve bumped into them before while ratting (and avoided like the plague, they are good at what they do).

My plan was simple, I worked out a route of 7 systems which I would fly through killing rats as I go before making the trip back again. I’ve used this method before and by the time you get to the last system, dock up and sell the loot it’s time to fly back and get another round of sec status increases.

I was lucky today most of the systems were empty and I managed to find a good few battleship class rats, even with my Wolf it takes a while to munch through and watch them explode but the rewards are worth it (I would recommend training Fast Talk skill as it gives extra bonuses for each rat). I won’t bore you with all the details but after 2 complete circuits (that’s 28 jumps in a big circle) my sec status was -3.99.. hooray at last..

Durzo Smith is now back in the arms of his loving corp (ABADD) in Ibura. I’ve run some missions (sec status is now -3.92) with another corpie Seth (ex WH dweller) and I have to say I suck at building armour tanks for anything above a Cane.. I built a Typhoon that while it could tank, my weapons of choice (Torps and AC’s) couldn’t hit anything that wasn’t within 12KM… FAIL!!!

I’ve also started preparing my Manticore stealth bomber for it’s maiden voyage into WH space, but I was surprised at the lack of fits available on Battleclinic (the same for the Typhoon as well) so once my fit is complete I will post it for you all to giggle at.. I mean review..

Fly safe

Wormhole virgin no more!!

January 26, 2011 4 comments

Tonight I logged into Eve for my normal hour or 2 of Eve time. I logged on to find only my fellow corp mate Yuzuki logged in which is unusual as normally fellow Director Nozza1 is always on (and I do mean always). I started running a lvl 4 mission in Ibura while chatting to Yuzuki who as per normal was doing something relating to WH’s (he does love them), and after listening to him yelp in excitement about how much ISK he had made I decided to bite the bullet and take a trip into the WH with him.

Now I know what you are thinking, Operation “Take the plunge” was supposed to be my first trip into WH space and see what it’s like.. What can I say.. I changed my mind lol..

I cleared the mission and headed back to base to swap into my Drake battlecruiser and refit it for WH space. The only problem being is that I had no idea what to expect or how to fit it. Below is what some might class as a “Fail Fit” for a Drake.

[WH Drake]

[High Slots]
5 x Malkuth Heavy Assault Launchers (Terror Missiles)
1 x Prototype Cloaking Device
1 x Core Probe Launcher
1 x T1 Salvager

[Medium Slots]
1 x T2 Invulnability Shield
1 x 10MN MWD
4 x T2 shield resists (1 of each type)

[Low Slots]
1 x T2 Shield Recharger
1 x T2 Power Control Unit
2 x T2 BCU’s

2 x T1 Shield Purger
1 x T1 Anti-EM reinforcer

5 x T2 Hornets

Looking back on the event I had no idea what damage types to expect, what damage type was best to use or anything about what would be the other side of the K162 exit (but then that’s the fun part of Eve isn’t it).

A quick Clone jump later (I have a JC 1 jump away from base) and I was en route to the WH. I have read up a bit on WH’s (I now realise I need to read a lot more) so I knew that I had to keep my d-scan handy and refreshed and I was hoping my time in low sec space would help with that.

The WH was quiet (which is nice for my first trip) and a quick d-scan while cloaked showed only a Drake BC and a few industrial ships (need to tweak my overview I think), Yuzuki informed me the Drake was there before and I made a mental note to keep my eye on it. We warped off to a site Yuzuki had scanned down and there I found my first sleepers..

Nasty little buggers really but the combination of pulsing my MWD and unleashing my drones and terror missiles in combination with Yuzuki’s Cane of Doom (that’s my name for it) we made short work of them in about 20 minutes. We scooped the loot and headed home.. I know not very exciting, no pew pew action or narrow escapes but I enjoyed it and I gave the large majority of the loot to Yuzuki and I just kept the salvage (none of those nice nanoribbon things).

My WH Drake needs a lot of work and my HAM skills are rubbish so that needs working on if I keep that fit but for me it was nice to do something different, WH’s feel like home to me and Yuzuki has a real passion for them which is rubbing off on me. I posted earlier about his new blog and how I inspired him to start it, in reality my drive to explore WH space is because of him and I’m looking forward to the next adventure in WH space..

Fly safe

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If you don’t like my blog..

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Read this one instead.. The Spacer it’s the new blog from a fellow corpie Yuzuki Katayanagi who I apparently inspired to start his own blog.. how cool is that.. 🙂

Yuzuki writes both IC and OOC so I’m looking forward to reading more about his WH adventures and well the wonders of being in ABADD.. 🙂

So please add his blog, generate some traffic and help this new blogger get to grips with the world of Eve blogging..

Fly safe

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Nearly a year of blogging..

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I started playing Eve last January, I started blogging about Eve (my first ever blog) in February. For a time I had a blog on and after remembering about it today I realised that on the 3rd of February 2011 it will mark my first year blogging about Eve. My early posts were short and lacked even more content than my current ones but I enjoyed reading them, as I remembered all the things a new player encounters in Eve (finding your first corp, picking skills, getting your first battlecruiser etc etc).

I’ve moved onto this blog in April so you could agrue that in April it is my 1 year anniversary, but for me blogging about a game is a big deal, even more so when you consider I’ve never blogged before. I may not get as many hits as some other bloggers, but this blog is more about me than my readers (sorry guys) and while my current content is not as action packed as some I still enjoy writing about my Eve life and reading the comments I get back.

The next year for this blog will see a lot more content, as well as Operation “Take the plunge” and the associated diary posts, I will also be starting a series on moving a corp into a WH and some of the “issues” I find along the way.

If my readers can think of anything else that they would like to see, or think this blog would benefit from then please let me know, good or bad I don’t mind..

Fly safe, and thank you for reading.

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Op “Take the plunge” – Update

January 24, 2011 1 comment

Well my plans to plunge Durzo Smith into a WH has been delayed for another week. No real drama involved but he is close to getting his sec status up enough to allow him into 0.6 systems which means he can rejoin the rest of ABADD in Ibura, and run missions when not hiding in WH’s.

I’ve been ratting a lot in order to get here and I do so in my trusty Wolf assault frigate. I like the Wolf it’s quick enough to avoid people and packs enough firepower to kill BS rats when the chance arises. I tend to chain my systems together for ratting heading through either low sec or 0.5 systems killing rats as I go.

I have to say I’ve been lucky (touch wood) while I’ve been grinding my sec status back up, I’ve suffered no losses and to be honest not even run into a hostile gate camp or pirates lurking in the belts.

This morning though I nearly fell foul of a pirate GC, I jumped through a gate into a 0.4 system (sorry can’t remember the name) only to see a rookie ship sitting 340KM off the gate (me smells trouble). I hit the d-scan and spot a lot of ships close by and decide just to skip the system and head to the next one.. I start to align and low and behold half a dozen red ships start arriving on the gate, some cane’s a broadsword and some others..

Needless to say I made it out with with my ship, posted a quick “missed me” in local which got some rude comment back and that was it.. To be honest that’s enough drama for me.. I don’t mind PVP but like a bit of a chance.. lol

I’ll keep you updated more on my WH adventures once I am back in high sec and the arms of my corp.

Fly safe

Eve Bloggers

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I spend a lot of time out of game reading all the Eve blogs I can find. I’ve downloaded the OPML list in the past but I’ve found a lot of blogs aren’t active anymore or don’t have Eve content in them. Over the last day I’ve gone through the hundreds of them I have and removed the “inactive” ones, either people have quit Eve, or not posted for months so I’ve removed them (sorry guys..).

If you want to see my list I’ve exported it from Google Readers as an XML file and you can download a copy HERE (right click and save target as).

If I’ve missed any off let me know.

Fly safe

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