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Being a CEO

Hello readers,

Abaddon Innovations has been “live” for just over a week now, things are moving along nicely (in my opinion), the member count is now 6 (that’s 4 players) and we are already making plans for our first WH exploration. The other members outside of the director and myself are busy doing what they enjoy but we have done some corp mining op’s and mission running is continuing as normal.

The last week has seen a shift for me in the way I look and play Eve, the one man band attitude has dropped and now everything I do is for the good of the corp, my personal wallet ISK growth has slowed now and the only time it increases is when I sell items from the LP store or from bounties. Everything I mine and build is sold for the corp and this will continue to the best of my ability.

I take my CEO role very serious (well serious for me), recruitment is ongoing, talking to possible new members trying to convince that yes we are small but wasn’t every corp at some point. It still amazes me who people are able to get lots of members quickly maybe I’m still missing something?? I want this Corp to survive and grow, I want the members to enjoy logging in and taking part in something, I hope the members we have so far do and will in the future…

So that’s my New Year so far, mostly trying to get the Corp off the ground and making progress in growing, over the next few weeks I will post about my plans on what direction to take the corp..

Durzo Smith (my long lost PVPer) is back down in low sec, ratting to get his sec status back up. I still have plans to drop him into a WH and practice some stealth bomber bombing (thanks to Rixx Javix for his Bombing Guide) and seeing how long I can last in a WH without dying and without a probe launcher.. 🙂

Until my next post, fly safe


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  1. January 7, 2011 at 19:51

    Congrats on the new corp. I recommend bumping your corp on the E-ON recruitment forum more than once/week. That forum scrolls very fast and I know that I’ve never scrolled more than 4-5 pages when I’m in the mood to look for a home.

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