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I haz a plan…

Hello all..

The last few posts I’ve mentioned that Durzo Smith is being thrown into a WH for something to do. I now have a plan for how things with occur and when (roughly). Here are the highlights..

1. Finish training Torp Spec lvl 4 (more bang in my torps)
2. Training Caldari Frigate to lvl 5, so I can fly a manticore bomber (everything I’ve read says they are best SB on the market).
3. Test my fit out in high sec against rats so I know the maximum distance of my torps and are happy with flying around cloaked
4. Find a WH and jump in (making sure clone is up-to-date first).

Now aside from these tasks for Durzo, the other Durz0 is going to build the manticore and the T2 missiles for the WH “trip”, Abaddon Innovations has a new member who loves to scan and has great success in finding WH’s, which most of the time he isn’t looking for (whoops) so I will be asking him to find me a WH in a 0.5 system near where Durzo is based from currently.

This is my current ideas on a fit for my manticore (feel free to comment if it’s crap).

[High Slots]
3 x T2 Siege Launchers
1 x Covert Ops Cloak
1 x Bomb Launcher

[Medium Slots]
1 x Named MWD drive
1 x Named Warp Distriputor
1 x Sensor Dampening
Empty Slot – for now

[Low Slots]
1 x BC II
Empty Slot – for now

2 x Missile related rigs

So that’s the plan.. I will keep you posted on my progress and once I have the fit finalised I will share that with you. Once in the WH I will be keeping a diary of the events and posting them for your reading pleasure..

Fly safe

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  1. Helper
    January 12, 2011 at 15:59

    Put Nanofibers in the lows if you’re doing bombing runs, offline the bomb launcher if you are just torping and put a ballistic control unit in the lows.

    Nano fibers allow you to turn fast and initiate warp quicker which will allow you to get of dodge quickly after dropping your bomb.

    Ballistic control units will increase your torp dps.

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