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My first Eve birthday

Morning readers,

It seems I’ve missed the first birthday of Durz0 Blint. He turned 1yr last week so here’s a quick review of my first year in Eve.

17.7 million skill points – covering industry/pve/mining and Caldari ship skills
900mil ISK in his wallet with about a billion in assets
Most expensive ship he owns is a Scorpion Navy Issue
CEO of his own corp (Abaddon Innovations)
Run his own POS for a time in High Sec for T2 invention

For me the next year is all about getting my Corp established and expanded both in membership numbers and in corp wealth. The corp is planning some trips into WH space in an attempt to earn some extra ISK for all the members as well as expanding and increasing our ship building enterprise. Skill training wise I’m aiming for a Tengu but not until I’ve got my shield and missile skills maxed out.

In other news it seems that people do read this blog. Eve Commune are a group of Eve players that record and share regular podcasts about all things Eve. I don’t normally listen to podcasts but I spotted their interest in one of my blog posts so took the time to listen to the latest episode (Episode 11). If you like listening to podcasts about Eve then I strongly recommend you download the Eve Commune broadcasts.

Fly safe

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