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Operation “Taking the Plunge”

Well the time has come for me to put Operation “Take The Plunge” into effect. Durzo Smith has now completed the necessary training to fly the Manticore Stealth Bomber and at the weekend will be diving into a WH just for giggles.

Well ok it’s not just for giggles it does have some meaning. The aims of this little project are the following:

1. Practice Bombing runs (hopefully on some real targets)
2. Get use to being in a WH and get some “on the job” practice using my D-scan (something I’ve always struggled with when I was a low sec pirate)
3. Work towards becoming a capable Stealth Bomber pilot (me like the cloaky cloaky goodness)

You may remember that I will be taking the plunge with no probes or launcher so once I’m in a WH that’s where I’m staying. Hopefully it won’t be too empty and I can track some pilots down but either way I’m looking forward to it.

This Operation now has a new objective as well. ABADD is going to set up home in a WH soon and as such I need to get to grips with the change in life style and hopefully build some experience that the corp can benefit from.

I will keep a diary of my time in the WH and post them on the blog so hopefully you will enjoy reading about my “adventures”.

ABADD is still recruiting and if you fancy being a part of a corp about to take the plunge into a WH let me know. We are also currently looking for potential Alliances that might benefit the corp and it’s members but we are taking our time on that.

Fly safe

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