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Op “Take the plunge” – Update

Well my plans to plunge Durzo Smith into a WH has been delayed for another week. No real drama involved but he is close to getting his sec status up enough to allow him into 0.6 systems which means he can rejoin the rest of ABADD in Ibura, and run missions when not hiding in WH’s.

I’ve been ratting a lot in order to get here and I do so in my trusty Wolf assault frigate. I like the Wolf it’s quick enough to avoid people and packs enough firepower to kill BS rats when the chance arises. I tend to chain my systems together for ratting heading through either low sec or 0.5 systems killing rats as I go.

I have to say I’ve been lucky (touch wood) while I’ve been grinding my sec status back up, I’ve suffered no losses and to be honest not even run into a hostile gate camp or pirates lurking in the belts.

This morning though I nearly fell foul of a pirate GC, I jumped through a gate into a 0.4 system (sorry can’t remember the name) only to see a rookie ship sitting 340KM off the gate (me smells trouble). I hit the d-scan and spot a lot of ships close by and decide just to skip the system and head to the next one.. I start to align and low and behold half a dozen red ships start arriving on the gate, some cane’s a broadsword and some others..

Needless to say I made it out with with my ship, posted a quick “missed me” in local which got some rude comment back and that was it.. To be honest that’s enough drama for me.. I don’t mind PVP but like a bit of a chance.. lol

I’ll keep you updated more on my WH adventures once I am back in high sec and the arms of my corp.

Fly safe

  1. January 24, 2011 at 16:18

    Durz, Thats a twee funny about that camp as a fleet that I was on with Eve University got ass kicked by that camp. I believe the guys were from VETO corp. Glad to hear WH plans are still in the works.

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