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Nearly a year of blogging..

I started playing Eve last January, I started blogging about Eve (my first ever blog) in February. For a time I had a blog on bloggers.com and after remembering about it today I realised that on the 3rd of February 2011 it will mark my first year blogging about Eve. My early posts were short and lacked even more content than my current ones but I enjoyed reading them, as I remembered all the things a new player encounters in Eve (finding your first corp, picking skills, getting your first battlecruiser etc etc).

I’ve moved onto this blog in April so you could agrue that in April it is my 1 year anniversary, but for me blogging about a game is a big deal, even more so when you consider I’ve never blogged before. I may not get as many hits as some other bloggers, but this blog is more about me than my readers (sorry guys) and while my current content is not as action packed as some I still enjoy writing about my Eve life and reading the comments I get back.

The next year for this blog will see a lot more content, as well as Operation “Take the plunge” and the associated diary posts, I will also be starting a series on moving a corp into a WH and some of the “issues” I find along the way.

If my readers can think of anything else that they would like to see, or think this blog would benefit from then please let me know, good or bad I don’t mind..

Fly safe, and thank you for reading.

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