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The difference a day can make..

You may be aware that Durzo Smith has been travelling around low sec working on getting his sec status back, it’s been a slow process that can be a bit soul destroying but needs must (and it was my fault it got that low). Today I had the day off work (well sort of as I worked all through the night) so I thought I would put a bit of “ratting time” in. I started the morning with a sec status of -4.4 (my goal is anything below -4.0, doesn’t sound much does it), and flying my trusty Wolf assault ship (like the rifter just with more teeth) I set off into low sec.

In a weird twist of irony the low sec region I have been ratting in is home to Fla5hy Red which is made up of a lot of ex Black Rabbits pilots so of which I’ve bumped into them before while ratting (and avoided like the plague, they are good at what they do).

My plan was simple, I worked out a route of 7 systems which I would fly through killing rats as I go before making the trip back again. I’ve used this method before and by the time you get to the last system, dock up and sell the loot it’s time to fly back and get another round of sec status increases.

I was lucky today most of the systems were empty and I managed to find a good few battleship class rats, even with my Wolf it takes a while to munch through and watch them explode but the rewards are worth it (I would recommend training Fast Talk skill as it gives extra bonuses for each rat). I won’t bore you with all the details but after 2 complete circuits (that’s 28 jumps in a big circle) my sec status was -3.99.. hooray at last..

Durzo Smith is now back in the arms of his loving corp (ABADD) in Ibura. I’ve run some missions (sec status is now -3.92) with another corpie Seth (ex WH dweller) and I have to say I suck at building armour tanks for anything above a Cane.. I built a Typhoon that while it could tank, my weapons of choice (Torps and AC’s) couldn’t hit anything that wasn’t within 12KM… FAIL!!!

I’ve also started preparing my Manticore stealth bomber for it’s maiden voyage into WH space, but I was surprised at the lack of fits available on Battleclinic (the same for the Typhoon as well) so once my fit is complete I will post it for you all to giggle at.. I mean review..

Fly safe

  1. January 27, 2011 at 16:38

    Hey, you probably know this already, but for in case you don’t, here is a quoted paragraph from Grismar’s EVE Wiki:

    “Player security status is raised by killing NPC pirates. Every 15 minutes, your security status is raised, depending on the bounty of the pirate you killed and the security level of the system you killed it in. The higher the bounty and the lower the system security level, the higher the raise in your security status. At a security status of 5.0 or higher, the number of qualifying targets that may raise your security status becomes very small: while you may get the occasional gain from destroying an NPC battleship, you will more likely only see gains from killing higher level NPC officers and commanders.”

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