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Well I didn’t manage much Eve time over the weekend due to RL stuff. I always feel a bit quilty when I can’t log in as I worry the newer corp members will become bored and look elsewhere. Fingers crossed they are happy enough in ABADD and with our move to WH space on the horizon that will give us all a common goal to move towards.

The next week I will be working on the “To Do” list for things we need and working out some logisitics etc.. I feel more spreadsheets coming..

In other news my blog is now listed as an Eve “Fansite” on the official Eve website. The process was for me an easy one, I filled in the application on Thursday and on Saturday got an email from CCP to confirm that I would be added. Not sure if that’s how it normally works but..

In RL I’m a professional IT geek, heavily involved in servers, virtual environments, e-commerce etc etc. I’ve decided this year to challenge my IT skills and start working on web/database projects (an area I’ve only dabbled in). In order to keep me interested (I have a short attention span) I’m going to mix my love of Eve into these projects and hopefully build a Corp web portal for ABADD and a couple of other ideas I have. I have 3 projects in mind the rough end game is along these lines.

1. Corp portal – To allow myself and other ABADD members out of game access to market orders, member tracking etc etc (will be secure from non members).

2. WH map database – There are couple out there but I want to create my own, more for the practice and having my own resposity available.

3. Background checker for new members – Yes I know I can use Evemon, but I want to integrate a search function in to collect information from other sources, I also want to try and make it so I don’t need to ever see a limited API from someone wanting to join.

These will be a mix of static data and API calls so I hope CCP’s changes to the API won’t mess things up to much.

If any of my readers can offer hints, tips or advice please let me know.. It’s all new to me so will be interesting and I will keep you up to date and where possible share my code.

Fly safe

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