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EON: Complete Collection

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve received my first EON magazine over the weekend, I have to say it’s very impressive in terms of both the content and the layout.. 🙂

So do you read EON? Do you want to? See below for a fanastic offer..

Instead of buying the odd copy here and there, why not have the full set and only pay half the price? Not only are they a great read, they also look great on your shelf. The customer feedback speaks for itself.

This bundle is a great supplement to an EON subscription, with the entire glossy catalog of EVE-related goodness yours to enjoy. It’s great for seeing how New Eden has developed throughout the years, and contains many articles and guides that will greatly expand your knowledge about EVE. A must-have for a serious EVE player who hasn’t been around since day one.

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WH: Sneak and Peak

February 16, 2011 3 comments

Right first off, in an effort to make the content of my posts easier to understand I am going to start adding the main focus of the post at the start of the title. So for example anything Wormhole related will start with WH:, for PVP it will be PVP:. Hopefully that will help both my readers and myself, in keeping track of my posts.

Now on to the content.. 🙂

Last night I logged in and decided it was about time to get Durzo Smith (my new WH scout) loaded up in his Buzzard Covert Op’s ship. I know, I know why is a Minmatar flying a Caldari ship?? Simple.. it looks a lot nicer and has cool camouflage.. 🙂 Anyway I digress, a quick fitting session to get “Serenity” ready for action. Although I’m a bit confused why covert ops have so many mid slots, the buzzard has 5 and other than a AB I’m not sure what else to fit??

I started my scanning session in Ibura, not expecting to find much (high sec + scanning = poor results), but I did manage to find a WH after scanning down a few other sigs first. My unstable WH lead into a C2 system so I thought I would pop in and say hi in local (well not really, I don’t talk in local ever..)

Oh before I carry on Astral Dominix (fellow alliance pilot and blogger) has just posted the start of his exploration guide which covers scanning.. go read it…. you know you want to..

Once in the WH I bookmarked the exit and warped off towards a planet (making a BM half way along as the start of a safe), I dropped a combat probe and moved it to the edge of the system (thanks to Tiger Ears for the tips), expanded the scan range and set it hunting. I found 2 Amarr POS towers, lots of modules and a Chimera lurking in the system. Now as this was a “sneak and peak” I was only interested in find other WH’s to jump into. I have to say I was surprised with the amount of sigs that can occupy one system and I can understand why you need to be good at scanning otherwise it can take hours..

I was limited for time so I only managed to find another WH that led to high sec before I had to leave and return to Ibura. It might have been a bit boring but it served a purpose, I now know I have to sort the following:

1. Durzo’s scanning skills are a bit low so I am training them up now
2. I really really need to practice scanning more
3. I need a good system for recording and storing information from WH’s such as entries, exits and signatures..

So if you are a WH vet or can offer advice, how do you manage and store your BM’s? Do you keep them all in one folder, do you have a special naming convention or do you keep a record in a spreadsheet or similar for where you have been??

Fly safe

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Eve blog loving..

February 15, 2011 2 comments

Last night I was out with my gf enjoying a romantic meal when I received an email about a comment on blog from the blogfather Crazy Kinux letting me know that I was now added to the ever-expanding EVE Blogosphere.

Now for those of you who don’t know Crazy Kinux is one of the most respected and dedicated players to all things Eve blog related that I know. He spends an enormous amount of his own time and effort to keep both us bloggers in the public eye and enable the people who like to read the blogs we write with a central location (yes there are others I know that create OPML lists).

To be honest I’ve never encountered so many people who write blogs on one subject with such passion and love that i encounter as I read Eve related blogs, to all the Eve bloggers out there you have my respect and readership for as long as your blogs continue. 🙂

While we are talking about Eve blogs, I just want to cover the subject of creating links of your blogs to other bloggers. I myself have a list on my blog (the right hand side) of some of the blogs I read, I use to have a huge list but now I’m reworking it to break them into subject areas. I create the list based on the blogs I read and the ones I like and think other people will like.

This is purely a personal choice on my behalf, just the same as it is if you link a blog on your site or add one to your RSS reader. However if you have linked my blog and have one of your own, please let me know not because I have issues with that, I just want to make sure that I repay the favour and link yours in return.

The other day I noticed in my blog stats a referer hit from a blog I’ve never read before, curious I visited the site and found a blog called WANDERLUST which had a link to my blog.. Not sure why or how and I just assumed that the author liked my blog. I’ve since added his blog to my list and my RSS reader as I enjoyed the content. Turns out that the author’s stomping grounds is near to me in Mara so maybe he spotted me while I was ratting a while back.. 🙂

I think my point is that providing links to other people’s blog is my way of “paying forward” to other bloggers and helping providing my readers (no matter how few) a chance to find and explore some of the great Eve blogs that exist.

So if you have a blog and I haven’t listed it, let me know..

Fly safe

POS Bashing..

February 11, 2011 2 comments

Morning readers, so last night I logged on to some chat in the Alliance channel about a POS that needed some loving (as in bashing), our target was 11 jumps from Ibura in a dead end low sec system. I decided to take part and loaded Durzo Smith into his Manticore SB for it’s maiden voyage. Astral Dominix was scouting the system before the fleet moved down there and it looked good for us to begin. The trip down was uneventful (for me at least) and I joined our adhoc fleet of Stealth Bombers, crusiers and Battle Cruisers at trying to bring the tower down.

Now POS bashing is slow and boring work and to be honest we didn’t have enough firepower to break the shields, the thing was that thngs got a bit more eventful, Nozza one of ABADD’s directors got his alt’s Drake destroyed and podded thanks to a gate camp as he came into low sec (sorry Nozza). Now being a low sec region, pirates have a habit of appearing and local spiked with one such pirate in a Proteus (T3 Cruiser).

Luckily being a bit more paranoid than most I had moved 40km away from the tower and was aligned to a planet just in case. The Proteus landed at the tower and due to some bad luck for the Alliance we lost a caracel and a drake, I did target the Proteus and launched some Torps at it but I was too far away and I warped out to avoid lossing my fragile SB.

I had to log not long after that but not before I let my GCC cooldown so I could disconnect and not be visible on scan for 15 minutes (even though I was cloaked).

My fellow corpie and friend Yuzuki had a better night than me and is making nice progress towards getting a nice killboard going. Read his post HERE

It’s coming close to our first week in the Alliance and next week I have some “things” I want to discuss with the leadership so I can get a better understand of what is required from ABADD in the future.

Plans for the WH are still progressing, I have bought a POS tower and modules required and just need to get Durz0’s ice processing skill sorted so I can have waste free ice refining.

Fly safe

Bandit Country

February 8, 2011 2 comments

I’ve read a lot of posts from different people about “broken low sec”. This morning I read one by Ga’len, I was going to post a commment but then my reply ended up a bit long so I thought I would write a post instead..

So here for your reading pleasure is my opinion on low sec..

I don’t think low sec is “broken” it is what it was designed to be. When I started playing Eve low sec was the place to avoid as a new player, the lack of understanding of the game and it’s mechanics meant that’s it not viable for new players to explore or settle in. Then I became a pirate and I lived in low sec for a while, you learn how to survive what to look for and what to avoid. Yes there are risks but isn’t that the point? Risk versus reward? In low sec if you accept and can handle the risk then you have access to better asteroids, low sec plexes and a market where people will pay more if they are flashy red.
I would rather live in low sec than in Null.. In low sec you know you might get attacked but that’s not a secret it’s an acknowledged and known fact to anyone that plays Eve.

There are many “carebears” that will avoid low sec, but then there are those that accept and adapt to survive when travelling around the bandit country. Pirates live in all areas of space in Eve but in low sec the expectations about this are easy to define, if you present yourself as a target then they will attack, I prefer that than having to worry about some random high sec ganker or keeping on top of the ever-changing null space politics and shifting alliances.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve travelled through low sec and not seen a soul, is it broken though?? Concentrations of pirates will force people out of a region in low sec, but then a clever carebear will work with that.. maybe form an agreement with pirates to provide indy support? Pirate corps could unofficial “rent” a system out.. You pay us 100mil a month and you can mine in peace, granted it’s not a 100% safe still but maybe rather than getting CCP to change something the players should adapt to the way they work?

Low sec is bandit country, a place for people to learn and experience pvp against some of the best pilots in the game, I love low sec, I encourage people to try it, live it and learn to love it.. It shouldn’t change, I wouldn’t want it to change low sec will always be a region of space I spend time in and enjoy.

Fly safe


February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Hulkageddon is fast approaching, it’s a 2 week period where all us miners dock up our Hulks/Orca’s/Haulers and anything else on the target list and find something else to occupy our time. For me it means back to salvaging missions with my BS (or a destroyer) instead of my Noctis as they are now on the “hit list”.

I have no objection to Hulkageddon, in fact last year I donated a prize to the competition (fully T2 fitted Raven) on behalf of my Corp at the time (the Dead Jesters). All year round whenever I’m mining I always keep my eye out for gankers, infact my Orca and Hulk fits are rigged more to tank than 100% mining capacity and I have a level of “anti-gank” fitted to them, not that I will be taking the risk this year with them.

I did have a thought this morning about a way I could have some “fun” this year and while it may fail I have a plan to see if I can give the gankers something to think about. It will no doubt cost me some ISK doing it but what the hell it should be fun. I will keep you updated on this once Hulkageddon kicks off..

Fly safe

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New friends and taking a gamble..

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Morning readers,

1 piece of news and 1 general thing, over the weekend ABADD became the proud member of PIT Industries Enterprises alliance. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a suitable alliance and these guys have similar goals to ABADD and I think it’s a good fit. We are still settling in and I’ve still got some catch up to do with the other Alliance leaders but it’s going well. It also turns out that PIES have some well known and respected bloggers in it.. bonus for me..

One such blogger is Astral Dominix which leads me to the second part of my post. Astral has been playing on Somer Blink recently and posting his success (lucky git..) so this morning I thought I would see what it was all about. Being the paranoid person I am I was surprised and impressed with the way that it is sooo easy to sign up, get ISK into your account and start using the system. I invested an inital 10mil ISK into my account and so far I’ve won a Raptor and an Imperial Navy Slicer (not a bad start).

Both ships are now sitting in Jita waiting for me, and the contracts were put up quickly after I won and decided on my delivery method.. I’m going to try not to spend billions on this but it gives me something to do while I mine and for the time being I will stick with frigate sized ships for now.

So in summary we have lots of new friends in the Alliance to play with now, and I’m on the road to becoming a Blink addict.. Thanks Astral.. 🙂

Fly safe

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