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Hulkageddon is fast approaching, it’s a 2 week period where all us miners dock up our Hulks/Orca’s/Haulers and anything else on the target list and find something else to occupy our time. For me it means back to salvaging missions with my BS (or a destroyer) instead of my Noctis as they are now on the “hit list”.

I have no objection to Hulkageddon, in fact last year I donated a prize to the competition (fully T2 fitted Raven) on behalf of my Corp at the time (the Dead Jesters). All year round whenever I’m mining I always keep my eye out for gankers, infact my Orca and Hulk fits are rigged more to tank than 100% mining capacity and I have a level of “anti-gank” fitted to them, not that I will be taking the risk this year with them.

I did have a thought this morning about a way I could have some “fun” this year and while it may fail I have a plan to see if I can give the gankers something to think about. It will no doubt cost me some ISK doing it but what the hell it should be fun. I will keep you updated on this once Hulkageddon kicks off..

Fly safe

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