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New friends and taking a gamble..

Morning readers,

1 piece of news and 1 general thing, over the weekend ABADD became the proud member of PIT Industries Enterprises alliance. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a suitable alliance and these guys have similar goals to ABADD and I think it’s a good fit. We are still settling in and I’ve still got some catch up to do with the other Alliance leaders but it’s going well. It also turns out that PIES have some well known and respected bloggers in it.. bonus for me..

One such blogger is Astral Dominix which leads me to the second part of my post. Astral has been playing on Somer Blink recently and posting his success (lucky git..) so this morning I thought I would see what it was all about. Being the paranoid person I am I was surprised and impressed with the way that it is sooo easy to sign up, get ISK into your account and start using the system. I invested an inital 10mil ISK into my account and so far I’ve won a Raptor and an Imperial Navy Slicer (not a bad start).

Both ships are now sitting in Jita waiting for me, and the contracts were put up quickly after I won and decided on my delivery method.. I’m going to try not to spend billions on this but it gives me something to do while I mine and for the time being I will stick with frigate sized ships for now.

So in summary we have lots of new friends in the Alliance to play with now, and I’m on the road to becoming a Blink addict.. Thanks Astral.. 🙂

Fly safe

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