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Bandit Country

I’ve read a lot of posts from different people about “broken low sec”. This morning I read one by Ga’len, I was going to post a commment but then my reply ended up a bit long so I thought I would write a post instead..

So here for your reading pleasure is my opinion on low sec..

I don’t think low sec is “broken” it is what it was designed to be. When I started playing Eve low sec was the place to avoid as a new player, the lack of understanding of the game and it’s mechanics meant that’s it not viable for new players to explore or settle in. Then I became a pirate and I lived in low sec for a while, you learn how to survive what to look for and what to avoid. Yes there are risks but isn’t that the point? Risk versus reward? In low sec if you accept and can handle the risk then you have access to better asteroids, low sec plexes and a market where people will pay more if they are flashy red.
I would rather live in low sec than in Null.. In low sec you know you might get attacked but that’s not a secret it’s an acknowledged and known fact to anyone that plays Eve.

There are many “carebears” that will avoid low sec, but then there are those that accept and adapt to survive when travelling around the bandit country. Pirates live in all areas of space in Eve but in low sec the expectations about this are easy to define, if you present yourself as a target then they will attack, I prefer that than having to worry about some random high sec ganker or keeping on top of the ever-changing null space politics and shifting alliances.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve travelled through low sec and not seen a soul, is it broken though?? Concentrations of pirates will force people out of a region in low sec, but then a clever carebear will work with that.. maybe form an agreement with pirates to provide indy support? Pirate corps could unofficial “rent” a system out.. You pay us 100mil a month and you can mine in peace, granted it’s not a 100% safe still but maybe rather than getting CCP to change something the players should adapt to the way they work?

Low sec is bandit country, a place for people to learn and experience pvp against some of the best pilots in the game, I love low sec, I encourage people to try it, live it and learn to love it.. It shouldn’t change, I wouldn’t want it to change low sec will always be a region of space I spend time in and enjoy.

Fly safe

  1. Marc Scaurus
    February 8, 2011 at 17:32

    I think the only thing wrong with lowsec is that a lot of corporations and individuals calling themselves ‘pirates’ aren’t truly pirates. Your example of renting out a system is a perfect example – when I started pirating, it was not unusual to arrange deals for individuals or corps to have safe passage through your section of lowsec. Ransoms and extortions were prevalent.

    Now, everyone wants the killmail and can’t be bothered with ransoms. Extortion? Pft. Why get a paltry 100 mil a month for some industrial corp’s safe passage when you could pop all those freighters and haulers! The attitudes in lowsec are shifting to a more kill-everything mode.

    • February 8, 2011 at 19:31

      That still doesn’t make it broken though. CCP presented a system, and we the players shape it into what we please. Read http://www.evereport.com/content/rp-pvp-you.html its a nice column I read today that actually discusses this very same thing. “The world of EVE exists as the players make it. “

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